Aimee: Holiday HangoverMature

I grabbed the map from Louise and started checking through it in a hurry.

“Another route, another route... here we go! If we go back a little way there is a right turn that should take us the right way.”

“It’ll look suspicious if we go back now. Just carry on and ask the policeman if we are allowed through.”

Harry nodded and slowed down, turning slightly so he could yell to the policeman.

“Hey! What’s with the road block?”

“We’re waiting for a group of criminals who committed a robbery earlier today. I’m going to have to search your van, in case you’re hiding them.”

“Fine.” Harry turned to us and whispered “Hide the alcohol. Louise, hide your gun.” We hurried to do so and then I opened the door for the officer. He looked in and held up a piece of paper, holding it near each of our faces.

“Alright, you can go through.” He went and put the barrier down and we drove through, all of us holding our breaths until we were well on our way again.

“Jeez, I don’t think I can take much more of this!” Flo said, collapsing on the bed. I leant my head back against the side of the van and closed my eyes. Truthfully, I didn’t know how much more of this I could take either. This was supposed to be about us, a summer of fun, and it was fast turning in to one of those movies where you so want to be in it but realistically you’d hate it. And I was... hating it. And yet, at the same time, the whole thrill of the chase and all the events that had happened was giving me a sense of euphoria, something akin to what alcohol did. I fervently hoped that there would be no hangover.

“Well, I imagine it will take at least four more days to get to Canada, unless we drive all through the night and only stop to get food and petrol.” Silas, the man with the plan, was back.

“Silas, if we do that, we’re going to end up looking mad and they won’t let us in to Canada.” I joked.

“Typical Aimee, five seconds after danger has passed she’s handing out the jokes.” Silas smiled. Louise laughed. Harry smiled, but refused to look at me. This madness was driving us apart and together at the same time. On the one hand, nothing would give me more pleasure than to hear him say he’d like to go out with me, on the other, I wanted to kill him for being so flirtatious and a complete player. That was without even mentioning the whole ‘police are trying to kill us’ problem. If it wasn’t for that though, I probably wouldn’t have realised how much I liked him...

“I think we have enough time to stop and rest, at least tonight. It’s been a tiring day for all of us, and I think that we need rest. I’m guessing it will take the police around forty eight hours before they realise I haven’t reported, and then when they can’t contact me we’ll really have to go all out.”

“Well, you could keep in contact with them; give us a little extra time. If you keep in contact with them for the first day, that will give us a whole twelve hours advantage, considering I intend to sleep for the other twelve.” Harry said. I smiled in spite of my urge to remain frosty with him. Harry did love his sleep.

“Alright, I’ll do that then,” Louise said, coming to sit with Flo, Silas and I in the back, “What I propose we do is carry on driving until we it’s dark, then find somewhere to stop for the night. We’ll sleep, stock up, and then drive and drive and drive. Agreed?” We nodded our heads.

“Harry, why don’t you let me drive?” Silas said.

“Because you’ve been doing most of the driving.”

“I’ll do it.” I offered. “I haven’t driven in ages, and I’m pretty sure I’ll do a better job than Captain Crash over there.” I nodded at Harry.

“One time!” He exclaimed, but pulled over so I could take the wheel. As I passed him I didn’t dare look up at his face; I was still mad at him for earlier and something told me that if I saw his face that close it’d be hard not to kiss him, or yell at him again. I climbed in to the seat and twisted the keys in the ignition. Soon we were driving along on the open road, and I put some music on the radio while Louise chatted to the others in the back, getting to know them. She then came to keep me company in the front and chatted to me while the others played a game of cards in the back.

The End

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