Silas: A Wandering MindMature

I hadn't really been watching the cops driving off. The whole thing made me nervous, especially watching Louise wandering out there on her own.

"Silas. Can I ask you something?" Aimee was keeping quiet, whispering to me.

"Depends." I offered a couple of vague directions to Harry, hoping that he could figure out which way he needed to go.

"You and Lou. Spill." She looked at me, staring deep into my soul. Well, it felt like it anyway.

"Congrats for the rhyming." I murmured, avoiding the question.

"Come on. Is there something that we should know about?" Her voice was kind yet forceful.

"Like what?"

"Turn down there, Harry." I could hear her helping Harry, hearing a slight shake in her voice that I'm pretty sure she was trying to hide.

"I like her." I whispered, half hoping that Aimee wouldn't hear me and leave it be. "I mean she's nice and brave and is a good addition to our group." I had tried to cover it up but it clearly hadn't worked, based on the glint in her eye.

"I hadn't seen that coming." she smiled. "But it's good."

After a little pat on my shoulder, she went and sat next to Louise and started up a conversation that I didn't listen in to in an attempt to save my ego.

It took about half a minute for them to start laughing and looking in my direction. Oh great. It's already started.

"I didn't mean it like that." I called to Aimee, getting a confused look from Louise.

Turning away, I started watching the road fly by, catching sight of a police car behind us. I was about to attract everyone else's attention when it turned off. Probably nothing to do with us anyway.

"So. Your opinion, if you don't mind." Flossie had popped herself down next to me, offering me a smile.

"Is gossip really what we need right now?"

"I think so. Reduces the tension. Makes us feel better. That sort of thing."

I bit my lip, unsure as to whether I believed that. "If you absolutely must."

"Say the police catch up with us again." I nodded. "Say we end up separated." I nodded again. "Say the police are about to shoot us." I looked at her quizzically,  nodding slowly. "Us or her."

She looked at me and I looked at her. "I don't understand the question."

"Don't let your emotions get the better of you. We don't really know if we can trust her." She moved away, giving me a final look. Was I wrong? I didn't really know what to think anymore.

I looked out of the window again and could have sworn that I saw another car. Probably just my mind wandering.

"Hey Silas." Louise was sat next to me. "Can I ask you something personal?"

I looked rather blankly at her. "If you want."

"Are you..."

"Am I what?" I widened my eyes, wondering what she'd say.

"Umm, Si, Lou. We have a slight problem."

"One minute Harry!" I yelled, eager to hear what Lou had to say. "Go on Louise."

"Are you..."

"Si! Now!" Harry yelled even louder, making me look up.

Uh oh.

"How did none of us spot that?" I shouted in disbelief.

"What do I do?" Harry had slowed us down and was waiting for someone to say something.

"Stop gossiping." I mumbled under my breath.

It was Louise who came up with a solution to our latest predicament. I just smiled, trying to stop my mind from thinking. I was confused, a feeling that I hadn't felt in a long time.

"We find a different route." Louise said, looking at the police car at the barrier. "Just in case."

They couldn't have figured out our plan already, could they? Nah. I looked to Louise whose mind was clearly working overtime. I could hear the cogs turning.

"Yes, yes I am." I whispered to her, spotting a smile appear on her face.

The End

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