Louise Ketley: Curiosity Killed The Cat.Mature

I stepped nervously out of the van to face the dozens of police cars which surrounded us, their sirens making such a din I had to cover my ears to avoid being deafened.

When the sirens had been switched off I stepped forward cautiously fully aware of the loaded guns being pointed at me. I reached into my jacket pocket and pulled out my own gun and thrust it to the ground in an attempt to convey that I was no threat. At this all guns were lowered and I took another cautious step forward.

A plump man, who I recognized at once to be the police constable at the police station I was based at, walked towards me and I subconsciously took a step back.    “I knew you were a smart girl Louise, but do you really believe that meddling with the secret business of the police is wise?” he asked with a snarl.

I raised myself to my full height and stared into his eyes, “I wasn’t meddling, I heard you going on about disposing of someone and how if you weren’t careful you would all lose your jobs; then you send me to watch these teenagers, did you really think it would stay secret?” I asked more confidently than I felt at that current moment as I was fully aware that he was still carrying a gun.

“When I joined the police force I was so happy, it was my dream and now I find out that even the police have secrets, secrets that endanger other innocent people.” I drew breath and carried on. “It’s you lot that should be locked up… not them!” I gestured back at the van which the apprehensive teenagers waiting inside. “All they did was be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and happened to find out about your wrongdoings, why did you have those people killed?” I asked, standing on my tiptoes so that I was the same height as the police constable.

“You know officer Ketley, curiosity is a very dangerous thing, no wonder that cat got killed, it could get you killed one of these days” the constable said taking out his gun and pointing it at me.

He pulled the trigger but I swooped out of the way just in time, grabbing at my gun which still lay abandoned on the road. The bullet rebounded off the side of the van with a metallic ping, causing a small dent.

I rose to my feet my gun clasped firmly in my hands, “Missed” I smiled, holding my gun in front of me.

He went to shoot at me again but I pointed my gun upwards and sent bullets into the air making him jump backwards in alarm.

“Look,” I shouted over the dozens for swearwords he was now shouting. “These kids are not going to tell anyone, they didn’t want any of this, this wasn’t in their plan of things to do, and they just want to have a good time.”

“Can you make sure they won’t say anything” the constable asked me.

I nodded, knowing full well that I was lying my ass off, as soon as we crossed over the Canadian border I would be encouraging them to report it, I wasn’t going to stop them!

I knew that the police would suss out my plan in the end and would be on our tail again in no time but this lie would give us enough time to get over the border into Canada whereby I knew that they would have no power over us.

“Okay then, but I need reports on the matter, watch them like a hawk Officer Ketley.” He said before turning back and making his way back to his police car.

I spun on my heel and made my way towards the van opening the door shakily; that had been too close for comfort.

I tried to make my voice sound calm when I spoke, “Harry, start up the engine and as soon as those cars move out of the way I want you to drive like a bat out of hell towards the Canadian border.” I said flopping into a seat and staring out the window.

That was not what I had anticipated I’d be doing when I had joined the police force, having a gun shot at me by the police constable is an unnerving experience to say the least.

I peered through the rearview mirror and watched the police cars driving away knowing that it wouldn’t be long before they twigged.

The End

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