Triple Agents?Mature

The tension rose as we all waited in silence for Louise to return.  We couldn’t see anything from the back of the van and not knowing what was going on outside was beginning to get to me.

“What’s going on out there?”  I exclaimed after we’d been sitting, crouched down in the back of the van for five minutes.  “She should have been back by now.”

“She’s probably just making sure that they believe her,” Silas said, jumping to her defence a little too quickly.

“Well I don’t think they’ve shot her,” Harry pointed out, “so that has to be a positive thing.”

“What if she’s sold us out?”  I said, becoming increasingly aware of how paranoid I was sounding.  “What if the reason she hasn’t come back yet, the reason she hasn’t been shot is that she’s a triple agent?”

“A what?”

“A triple agent.  I’ve seen them in films.  They convince the people they’re spying on that they’re the good guys, that they’re not working for the police or something, but actually they are and she’s just lied to us in order to get more information.”  I was now very aware that I was making no sense whatsoever, but my nerves were getting the better of me and I felt like I had lost control of the connection between my brain and my mouth.

“But that’s just in movies Flossie,” Aimee tried to say reassuringly.  “They don’t really exist.”

“But how do you know that?”  I insisted.  “The reason why we don’t know about triple agents is because no one thinks that they exist when the actually do.”

“Stop it Flossie,” Harry ordered, “you’re starting to freak us all out.”

“Sorry,” I said bashfully.  “I just really wish that Louise would come back.”

“She will,” Silas insisted, “but in her own time.  She can’t rush this.  If she does and her story isn’t plausible then we could all be shot.”

“Silas, that’s not helping,” Harry snapped.

“It’s not his fault,” Aimee said to Harry, her eyes forming daggers that shot across the top of my head.

“Yes, but it’s not mine either so don’t make out that it is.”

“Guys, don’t fight,” I protested pathetically.  “It’s not helpful.”

“Yes, because nothing is Harry’s fault,” Aimee continued, ignoring me, “things just happen to him-“

“Stop squabbling,” Silas hissed, pressing his ear against the back of the van.  “Shut up,” he said loudly when Harry and Aimee took no notice of him.  “I think I can hear something.”

We all fell silent, barely daring to breathe as we heard dim voices coming from the police cars.  None of us could make out what they were saying but their tone didn’t sound confrontational or angry so I hoped that this meant good news.

“Someone’s coming,” Silas breathed, jumping away from the door before it swung open to reveal Louise, standing looking serious in the doorway.  My heart sank, expecting the worst.  In my head I was already trying to work out if I should run or allow myself to be handcuffed and remain silent as I was taken to the police station.  It was then that I realised how naïve I was being.  We wouldn’t make it to the police station.

“Harry,” Louise said calmly as she climbed into the van, slamming the door behind her.  “Start up the engine and as soon as those cars move out of the way I want you to drive like a bat out of hell towards the Canadian border.”

The End

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