Silas: Driving in the DarkMature

I was sick of driving. I think we all were. I must have been driving for a good few hours with everyone else sleeping.

It must have been nearly 1am, everyone else had nodded off but I couldn't get any sleep so I figured that I'd keep us moving, trying to stay as quiet as possible. Harry was practically craddling Aimee in his sleep, even though she was getting better and probably didn't need all of that. Flossie was on the next bed with Louise sleeping in the seat next to me.

I think Flossie felt a bit like a third wheel - Aimee spent more and more time with Harry (and I still wasn't sure that there was anything going on there, or that there should be) and I was getting to know Louise better - the two of us had been chatting quite a bit lately and I knew that I could trust her. I hoped so at least.

I could hear someone stirring in the back so I pulled over, hoping that they would just drift back off.

"Hey Silas." It was Flossie, sounding half asleep. "What's going on?"

"It's ok, Flossie. You can just go back to sleep." I gave her a smile and watched her fall back to sleep. "I'm sorry." After whispering to her, I turned back to the road and was about to carry on when I noticed something.

Louise was looking at me. Just sitting there next to me, staring.

"Everything alright, Louise?" I didn't even look at her, instead wondering whether I should stop and park up.

"How long have you been driving?"

"Not too long." I turned to her, half smiling.

"Why?" She looked at me, tilting her head slightly.

"We need to keep moving don't we?" I gently turned the engine on, moving on a little bit more.

"But it's what - 1am? That's above and beyond, Silas." She patted me on the shoulder, seeming to be tired.

"Why don't you get some sleep yeah?" She smiled at me, laying down her head on my shoulder. She looked cute when she was asleep, her hair slightly loose. I smiled and rested my head on hers for a second, catching Harry looking at me from the back. I turned to face him and he just nodded.

I found us a little cul-de-sac that was devoid of life, with no cars, lights or anything. They were all for sale - it was like a ghost town. I figured that I could park up here and we could move off in the morning.

"Silas." It was Louise again.

"Yes?" I smiled, deciding that I should probably get some sleep.

"You're a good guy." She rested her head on me again.

I made myself comfortable without moving her too much, thinking about what she had said. What was that supposed to mean? A good guy. I was probably over thinking it. After all, I had other things to worry about.

I had thought that she was cute.

Now that was something that I hadn't been expecting. Hmm.

The End

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