Louise Ketley : Can't Stop, Must Keep GoingMature

I clambered out the van and into the warn sun, it was a warm day – obviously too warm for some people I thought. The teenagers were preoccupied looking after their friend who had gotten sun stroke, meaning I could make my phone call without being disturbed.

I keyed in the telephone number and waited, wondering what I was going to say, if I told them I knew about what they were hiding I was sure to be on the run as well.

“Hello?” a gruff voice answered.

“Sir, its Louise” I said quickly, trying to stop my mind from racing and concentrate on making sure that I didn’t arouse suspicion.

“Ahh Yes, anything much to report?” he asked, I could just imagine his menacingly blue eyes boring into me from over the phone, as if daring me to lie.

I gulped, there was loads to report but most of it I shouldn’t know about; “No sir, they have been acting normally, maybe a little cautious of me but that’s to be expected, since the police are quite unnerving at times” I laughed nervously.

The voice on the other end of the line took a little while to reply before saying slowly, “Officer Ketley is there something you wish to report?”

“No sir” I said nervously, scared that I had just blown my cover and he was on to us.

“Hold the line please Louise” he said before bringing the phone away from his ear, his muffled voice could still be heard however and what I heard him say was not pleasant.

“She knows something she should about you know what!”

Then he placed the phone back to his ear and said very calmly, “Right officer Ketley, please continue to follow them and report back every so often with an update. Thank you” then the phone went dead.

I climbed shakily out of the car and made my way back to the van; the others were still fussing over their friend with sunstroke but stopped dead when they saw me.

“Louise, are you okay?” the boy named Silas asked.

“Yeah fine, right we need to go now! I ordered, “As quick as you can!” I shouted before leaving the van and clambering into my police car.

After about 10 minutes of dawdling whereby I had to yell at them all twice and beep my horn more times then I should we were speeding along the freeway. I switched on my radio and allowed myself to relax a little; checking my rearview mirror every so often to make sure the van was still tailing me.

After about 3 hours of endless travelling I finally pulled up in an old abandoned car park which was miles from anywhere, we would be safe here for now but we had to keep on moving.

I climbed into the van and sat down with a yawn, “it’s been a long day” I yawned.

“You’re telling me, I was driving for 3 hours where the hell are we Louise, because this isn’t exactly what any of us had in mind when we planned this roadtrip?” Silas asked, I could tell her was a little irritable and who could blame him really.

“I’m sorry about this you guys, I really am but we have to keep moving as quick as we can each day until we can be sure that the police can’t get us”

“Where are we heading?” Flossie whined, resting her head sleepily on Aimee’s shoulder.

“Montana and across the border into Canada, If we can get to Canada then the police can’t follow us anymore.”

“Canada!” the whole group moaned, “But the border is miles away!” Silas moaned pointing at where the border was on a map he had pulled out of the glove box.

“I know and I am really sorry” I said, “which is why we should all get some sleep” I said, standing up and making my way to the door.

“Yeah, sleep sounds like a good idea” everyone murmured shuffling sleepily towards their beds. I was just about to leave then Silas grabbed my arm and pulled me back, “You didn’t look as though you slept very well in your car last night; we have a spare bed if you want to use that?”

I nodded graciously, “Thank you” I whispered before being shown where the bed was, collapsing into it and residing to sleep.

The next day dawned very bright but unusually cold, everyone sat and ate their cereal is a very awkward silence. Only the munching of cereal and the tweeting of the birds could be heard.

I couldn’t bear the silence any longer so decided that I would be the one to break it, “Shall we make tracks then?” I asked nervously.

“What’s wrong Louise, you seem very jumpy and nervous today, has something happened?” Harry asked. Sighing I sat down and placed my head in my hands, “They are on to us, they know I know something”

There were gasps from the group, “So we really need to go!” I said raising my voice and making my way towards the door.

“Wait” Aimee called, “Well if they are on to us then maybe its best that you leave your police car here, we would get to Canada quicker that way?” she suggested.

I pondered this for a while before nodding, “You’re right” I said, making my way towards the driver’s seat.

“Buckle Up” I called to the group who were still sat at the table, and abandoning my police car in the car park, we drove off in the direction of Canada, all of use fearful of what would happen next.

The End

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