Everything was feeling incredibly surreal as we all piled back into the van and began driving again.  On the run from the police?  How did I manage that only a few days after graduation?

Silas took control of driving, sitting in the front seat while Harry and I fussed over Aimee in the back.  She was looking a lot better now that we'd got her out of the sun and forced some water down her throat.  Harry was sitting by her head, occasionally lifting her up so he could trickle some more cold water into her mouth.

I watched him intently, looking at how he gently held her head in the crook of his arm as he lifted her up and stroked her hair when he thought no one was watching.  I know he liked to protect us, all of us, but despite what Silas said about there not being anything between our two best friends I couldn't help but see small signs that told me Silas was wrong.

I didn't like the uncertainty, I needed to know exactly where I stood.  I had no problems with Harry and Aimee having...feelings...for each other, but if them hiding it was going to tear our group apart at a time when we really needed each other then it should be out in the open.

"So where are we going?" I thought out loud.

"Wherever Louise takes us," Silas replied.

"I'm not sure about this," I said reluctantly.  "How do we know that anything she says is true?  Blindly following a stranger who says she's police surveillance but is actually on our side doesn't make me feel particularly safe.  I mean, the police wouldn't really kill us.  Would they?"

"We saw a murder," Harry said, "who knows what the police will do?"

"But people who normally witness murders are put under witness protection, not chased around the country thinking they're going to be killed by the people who are supposed to be protecting them."

"Why didn't you say any of this earlier?" Silas called from the front.

"I couldn't say I thought Louise was lying right in front of her could I," I protested.  "And if we let her know we don't trust her then we're less likely to stay alive.  I don't know about the rest of you but I don't want my body being washed up somewhere and my mother thinking I died because I'd done something stupid."

"We're not going to die Floss," Harry insisted.  "We're going to sort this whole misunderstanding out and carry on with our summer just like we planned."

"Don't be so dense Harry," I exclaimed.  "Do you really think that because we say we won't tell anyone about what we saw that we'll be left alone?  We've already told the police we wouldn't say anything and they send an officer after us.  We clearly aren't trusted."

"Just because we aren't trusted doesn't mean we're going to die."

"How do you know that Louise isn't a hit man sent by the government to lure us into a false sense of security before killing us all in some brutal and painful way?"

"Now you're just being stupid Flossie."

"Am not!"

"Are too."

"Stop behaving like children the lot of you," Aimee protested in a half-dazed manner.  "It's enough to make me wish you'd left me in the sun."

The End

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