Aimee:Murder MysteryMature

Harry and I didn't say much while we sat together. We just stared out at the horizon and commented now and then on the scenery or Louise. When the group joined to discuss, I opted to wash the dishes with some bottled water while I listened. Silas' declaration that he had a secret didn't shock me; I knew that he was hiding something from the way his mind wandered sometimes. I also found my mind wandering. Wandering to last night, when Harry had kissed my forehead. I knew he'd done it, even though he denied it, because there was no way he would have denied it if it hadn't have been true. He'd have made some remark about wishful thinking, or some other such thing and anyway, there had been that moment when we had almost kissed in the van.

"Aimee? Hello? Do you have an opinion?"

"Huh?" Flo was waving her hand in front of my face. "On what?"

"What we should do next?"

"Um... well I think, maybe we should decide what Louise is doing. I mean, if you're supposed to be following us," I directed this question straight at the woman "What will the officers think if they find out you've been sat talking to us?"

"They won't. And anyway, it didn't matter how I did it. They just wanted you followed."

"Well I wonder if they wanted a bit more than that. I mean, we witnessed a murder, by the hands of the police and probably ordered by someone in government. They'd probably do anything rather than let that secret go loose, including disposing of us the same way they did that man."

"Now wait a minute..."

"...NO! I mean, our lives could be in danger! We should be driving as fast as we possibly can away from this place!" Louise looked upset but nodded.

"Actually, I do agree with that last part. But I still don't know what I should do. Whether I should call in that I'm following you and will continue to do so, then join you, or whether I should go back and see what this is all about."

"If you go back, they'll probably send someone else to follow us, and then we wouldn't have someone who opposes what they did." Harry said carefully.

"I agree" muttered Silas.

"Well maybe you should make a call then Louise?" I said, feeling hot and flustered. My vision was going blurry, and I put my hand to my head. I felt dizzy and lightheaded, and my knees felt weak.

"Aimee? Are you alright?" Harry asked, coming over.

"I think... I think I need to..." I felt my legs give out underneath me, felt Harry catch me and carry me to the van. Flo's voice sounded up.

"It's sunstroke! She had it last year really badly. Just give her some water and keep her in the shade and she'll be ok." I felt the bed underneath me, and someone putting a cool towel on my head. Another hand held my head up and made me drink some cold water. I gulped it down eagerly, unaware until that point of how thirsty I had been.

"Maybe we ought to take her to a doctor?" Harry said. I closed my eyes and blocked out the light. My head stopped spinning. I listened to the voices.

"No, she'll be ok. I went with her last year and this is exactly what she should be doing. I told her to wear that hat." My cowboy style hat was somewhere hanging up in the van. I'd forgotten to wear it for the last few days.

"Well we need to move. I think we should let her rest for a while, keep her hydrated, and drive on. I'll make a call to my boss to tell him I'm following you." Louise sounded distant, so I guessed she was outside the van still.

"Alright" I heard Silas say, and then I heard feet and then the van doors closed. I thought I was alone until a hand stroked my forehead.

"Are you awake A?" Harry's voice said. I didn't answer. "You silly girl. Getting sunstroke. Thought you were tougher than that."

"When I feel better, I'm going to punch you for that," I muttered before rolling over to face the direction of his voice and letting myself drift in to unconsciousness.

The End

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