Louise Ketley: Bright Eyed and Bushy TailedMature

“I suggest we move away from this restaurant and find a safe, legal place to park for the night,” I said to the group of teenagers who were now all sitting in the van.

“Okay, thank you for your help,” the boy known as Silas said shaking my hand, I smiled at him before leaving the van and waving at the girl in the driver’s seat to follow my police car.

 I decided that they needed to get out of their current location pretty quickly so flicked on the blues and twos allowing clear access to the road without fear of getting stuck in much traffic.

 I pondered the best place for these teenagers to park up for the evening; Havenport was not a safe choice so I decided to lead them out of the city and along winding roads which lead to a little village called Eaton. This village was surrounded by fields, one of which the teenagers parked in after persuading the miserable miser who owned it that it would only be for one night and they would pay him.

Looking at my watch and registering how late it had gotten, I decided it was too late to head home so I spent an uncomfortable night in the car, using my coat as a cover to keep warm under.  

It was the smell of cooking bacon from a gas cooker just outside the van which stirred me from my light slumber. My stomach growled with hunger but I had nothing with me however as luck would have it just at that moment there was a soft tap on my passenger side door.

I leaned over and wound my window down to see a young girl with dark blonde hair and big brown eyes holding a plate with a freshly made bacon sandwich on it and in the other hand a mug of steaming hot tea.

“We thought you might want some breakfast” the girl smiled handing the sandwich and tea through the window.

“Thank You … erm” I frowned, I couldn’t remember her name, “Flossie” she replied helpfully before turning and making her way back to the van.

I returned my used crockery about half an hour later and thanked them very much for feeding me, “It was most kind of you” I smiled.

“Right” I said clapping my hands together, “now that we are all bright eyed and bushy tailed, let’s get to work unraveling this mystery!”

The End

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