Aimee: Police officerMature

“Okay. Listen, why don’t we go back to your van and you and your friends can tell me what you know and--- And I wonder if you can tell me about the bodies and why the police are acting suspiciously about them?” The woman was attractive, and I crossed my arms, staring at her, wondering what the heck she was doing here.

"Look, not to be insulting or anything, but why should we talk to you?"

"Because I'm police."

"And? The last police person we spoke to was useless."

"Well I'm not."

"Then explain why you're asking us to fill you in?" She sighed, but her lips twitched in a smile, as though impressed with me.

"Ever thought about a future in the police? You'd do well in interrogation." Silas chuckled and I nudged him. "I am being kept out of the loop of something which seems to be illegal and initialised by someone in government. I want to know about it, and luckily for me, they asked me to follow you."

"You're following us?" I realised that people could hear us, and lowered my voice. I contemplated whether or not to let her in to the van. "Alright, let's talk, in the van."

Silas and I went back to the van, and the police officer followed.

"What's your names?" She asked.

"I'm Aimee, and this is Silas. Who are you?"

"Louise Ketley." She smiled and shook my hand as Silas opened the back of the van.

"Nice to meet you... I think." I grinned and she, although slightly hesitant, smiled back. We got inside the van, and sat down. Hopefully we could find out what was going on before the other two got back. "Right, we'll tell you what we know, but you have to tell us everything you know first."

"All I know is that I heard some of my superiors talking about disposing of someone, and a group of kids knowing about it. I take it that's you, because they asked me to follow you."

"Wow. So the police are dirty. Who knew?" I muttered, and Louise went red.

"Not all of us are! I think it must have come as an order from someone with power, like in the government."

"Alright Louise... can I call you Louise, or do I have to call you officer?" I winked at Silas, grinning at how uncomfortable Louise was.

"You can call me Louise, and I'm not an officer. Truth is, I'm more a trainee than anything.

"A trainee? So, can you like, arrest us?"

"Yes." She looked very serious and I took her word for it.

"Alright, then I guess we'd better tell you what we know before the others come back. Harry is going to flip."

The End

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