Louise Ketley: InquisitiveMature

“I joined up to be in the police not to be bloody tea and coffee girl” I moaned down the phone to my friend as I scooped coffee into mugs and dropped a tea bag into a tea pot to brew.

“I may as well have stayed unemployed, I make enough cups of tea at home without making a dozen or so more for the people who are at this staff meeting, which I was not told to attend!”

“Chill Louise, don’t worry you’ll get there eventually, they are just picking on you to make the drinks because you’re the newbie every company is the same; things will get better when you’re not a trainee anymore I promise you” my friend Kate reassured me. “Hey, at least you get to wear the police cap while you make the drinks” Kate joked. “Yeah I suppose, that is an upside to it” I agreed.

“Well I better go take these drinks up to the big bosses upstairs” I said with a sigh, loading the drinks onto the trays, “Speak later Kate bye” I said before hanging up and pocketing my mobile. I literally felt like a bloody waitress.

I carefully climbed to two flights of stairs from the kitchen to the meeting room and placed the tray of drinks on a table so I was able to knock. My knuckled wavered a few cm’s away from the door and I strained my ears to hear what they were discussing … I hated being out of the loop!

“So its agreed the deaths in the woods should be kept quiet, I mean if the government found out what really happened why we had to ki…. dispose of them then we could all lose our jobs”  I nearly shrieked when I heard this but kept quiet, pressing my ear against the door.

“But can we really rely on those kids in the van to keep it secret?” a woman’s voice asked. “I don’t know, we need someone oblivious to these goings on to keep an eye on them, bug their van, that sort of thing” said the man who had spoke first.

 “How about that new trainee?” asked the female, “I mean she will never twig, she’s that blonde she’ll never know?” “Perfect” the man replied with a chuckle.

I wrenched my ear away from the door, I’d heard enough and knocked furiously on the door and waited for it to be opened.

“This is a private meeting” a man said sticking his head around the door, “You---“

I cut him off, “I brought the drinks” I said quickly, handing him the tray of drinks and hurrying away down the corridor and down the stairs my mind buzzing.


“Ketley, I have a job for you!” the police constable said sitting on the chair next to mine which sags slightly under his weight.

“Really?” I said trying to sound surprised but knowing what the job was.

“Yeah, you see there is a bunch of kids that were acting suspiciously earlier and we want you to follow them, see what they are up to, we took note of their registration plate and it looks as though they are heading towards the city of Havenport, will you please take a look for me?” he asked I nodded.

I was eager to find out what was being hidden by the police, and from what I heard through the door it sounded as though these kids had found these dead bodies which It seemed the police had killed and the police had asked them to keep quiet… this is definitely a mystery which needs to be unraveled.

Tracking systems all functioning I was able to locate the van quite easily and was able to follow it without being too obvious although I imagine they must have twigged that I had followed them when I pulled into the same car park as them as they all quickly dispersed into different directions as they climbed out of the van.

 I started up my engine again and followed two of the people from the van as they strolled casually through the unusually quiet streets of Havenport and entered a bar/restaurant. I sat and waited cautiously outside, they could only leave through the doors they had come in by and I would be ready when they did.

Suddenly the doors were flung open and a waiter and the boy I had followed was been escorted out of the pub, quite violently too, I decided that now was the time to act.

I clambered quickly out of the car, "Is there a problem here, sir?" I asked as I approached the waiter who was still retraining the youth. "This man has been accused of molestation" he stated.

“That’s a lie!” the boy yelled, breaking free of the waiters grasp and dusting himself down. “I can take it from here” I said to the waiter who nodded and went back inside “I’m the police.”

"And if these allegations prove to be true, then I am going to have to arrest you." I said turning to face the boy who looked half annoyed and half scared.

“They are not true honest officer, the real truth is I’m being stalked officer by that girl there” he said pointing at the window of the pub where a girl sat smiling and giggling, her nose pressed right up to the glass.

“Okay” I said, “Listen, why don’t we go back to your van and you and your friends can tell me what you know and---“ I faltered wondering whether I should ask or not, I decided I would.

“And I wonder if you can tell me about the bodies and why the police are acting suspiciously about them?”

The group of kids around me suddenly looked by nervous, even scared – as a shiver ran down their spines.

The End

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