Silas: Thinking with your FistsMature

I needed a rest. Part of me thought that we all did so I made the decision to find somewhere that we could have a relaxing evening. I pulled over, parking up in whatever city we had ended up.

"So Si, what's the plan?" Harry looked to me hopefully.

"Whatever you want. Free evening. There's bound to be something that you can do. I just want, just a few hours off. It's been too much. That alright with everyone?"

After a little positive moan from everyone else, I clambered out of the van, eager to find somewhere quiet that I could sit down. I looked across the road and noticed the car that had been following us for a while; it had parked nearby, ready to spring and get us whenever they wanted us, but quite frankly, I couldn't care less.

"Silas. Do you want me to come with you?" Aimee tapped me on the shoulder, giving me a caring smile.

"You can do whatever you want, Aimee. I don't really need a babystitter though."

I had a strange feeling that I had upset her a little but she clung to be anyway, clearly worried about me. I watched Harry go off after a girl and caught Aimee doing the same.

"Everything alright?" I asked, facing her. She nodded, gesturing to some bar/restaurant place that we could go to. I led the way, looking out for Flossie - she was on her phone, her body language making it look like she was flirting, but who am I to say things like that?

I held the door open for her, watching her go in. She was a beautiful girl with a caring personality to go with it; lucky her.

"Table for two?" she batted her eyelashes at the waiter, looking over the busy place.

He shook his head, pointing us to the bar instead. We ordered a couple of drinks and sat down.

"Well, well, well."

Oh no. I knew that voice. Not good.


"Oh Si. Now you're the one that's following me."

I got up and started for the door, but was held back by Aimee; she was talking to the girl.

"I'll have you know that we weren't. We've had a bad day and just wanted to rest."

"Oh I believe you. You didn't tell me you had a girlfriend, Si! She's nice, this one."

"She isn't my girlfriend, Angel. She is just a friend." I turned back, watching the two girls sizing each other up. I walked over to them, taking Aimee's hand, leading her away.

"Aren't you going to introduce me?" Angel sounded disappointed, swaggering over to us. She offered her hand. "I'm Angel."

Aimee looked to me, wondering what to do. I wasn't sure either, wishing that we hadn't stopped here. Another bad idea from me.

"Angel, not now."

"Then why did you kiss me?"

"To save my friend from poison like you. Come on, Aimee. This is it. We're leaving."

I wasn't in the mood anymore, eager to get everyone together and move on.

"Silas. One last thing."

I told Aimee to keep going, turning to face Angel for what I hoped would be the last time. She had taken her jacket off and was walking towards me.

"I don't have time for this."

She kissed me, pulling me into her lips and all of a sudden, I understood her much more. She just wanted someone to love her - she just wasn't going about it the right way. I realised that she was like me really; we both wanted a relationship that right now, we were never going to get.

I pulled away from the kiss, pulling her into a hug instead.

"I get it, Angel. It just isn't going to work between us. The thing is," I whispered in her ear. Before I got chance to finish, she slapped me across the face, sending me backwards.

"Get away from me you pervert!" I looked confused at her, turning to see Aimee getting knocked out of the way by a big, burly waiter.

"What's happening, Miss?" he asked.

"This guy." she said, feigning tears. "He was... He was..." The waiter nodded, grabbing me on the shoulder and dragging me through the place, picking me up and hurling me out of the door, Aimee behind.

"Is there a problem here, sir?" Someone stepped out of the car that had been following us, intrigued over what was happening.

"This man has been accused of molestation."

"That's a lie!" I yelled, dusting myself down. I could see Flossie and Harry running over from the van, wondering what was going on.

"I can take it from here." I stood up and looked over to the voice. "I'm police." she announced.

I looked through the window to see Angel, laughing at me. The one good thing was that she was out of my life.

"And if these allegations prove to be true, then I am going to have to arrest you."

Great. Just great.

The End

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