Livvy: GoodbyeMature

It was tough saying goodbye to my friends. To watch all of their faces, completely solemn and serious for once, their eyes focussed on me. A lump formed in my throat and my eyes stung with unshed tears but I wouldn't let them see me cry. This was what was best for everyone. I would only drag them back; I couldn't let them be worried about me for the rest of the trip.

'Goodbye Silas,' I hugged him tightly. 'I'll see you when you get back.' 

'Bye Livvy,' he mumbled, pulling away. 

'This isn't forever,' I tried to laugh lightly but it sounded too desperate. 'I'm gonna see you all at the end of it.'

'Yes you are,' Aimee smiled. 'Tell your dad we said hi, yeah?'

'Okay, I'll see you all soon.'

I let Silas lead me through the pouring rain and into the taxi that was waiting for me at the side of the road. Throwing my luggage into the backseat, I gave Silas one final hug and got inside. Through the little drops and rivulets of rain trailing down the window, I saw my four friends. Aimee, Harry, Flossie, and Silas. I gave them one final wave goodbye before the taxi pulled away.

However, I was suddenly overcome with the incredible urge to stop the car. I had the most unnerving feeling that something wasn't right. My friends. They were in danger. But that was stupid, right? Then why did I feel so uncomfortable and...terrified for them?

I shifted in the seat to stare out the back window.

This is just the beginning, something whispered in my mind as the  rain washed out the final view of my friends. The final view.

Something was going to happen to them.

The End

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