Aimee: AwkwardMature

I really hadn't wanted to give up the front seat, because driving gave me something to concentrate on. I couldn't really say no to Flo though, so I relinquished the power of the steering wheel.

When I emerged from the station, I saw a small argument going on between Harry, Silas and the girl who had been folowing us in the car. Harry seemed to be sauntering towards the girl, with the look in his eye that made me think he was flirting. I'd seen it too many times before. I felt a little twist in my chest, and a tear sprang to my eye, but I blinked it away sharply. I marched back to the van, climbing inside and sitting next to Livvy who had left the shop before me. She smiled quietly at me and I smiled too, although a rather strange mood had settled over me. Then the door opened and the rest of the group climbed in. I wasn't sure what had happened out there, but my guess was that Harry had got lucky. I ignored him as he climbed inside. Si got in the front to direct Flo, but before we began driving she began interrogating him. I listened in, half interested.

"You kissed her! I can't believe it! Do you like her? Si, spill details!"

"Flo, will you just leave it? I don't like her, but she's stalking us, and I didn't want Harry kissing her."


"I'm fed up of seeing him use women." He said this quietly and probably thought no one in the back could hear. Livvy and Harry didn't seem to have noticed, but I had. At least someone had the same mind set as me about Harry and women. The car started and we drove off. I got out my sketch pad and started doodling flowers, while Harry and Livvy chatted.

"I'm bored!" Flo said after a while. "Can't we play a game or something?"

"What do you want to play?" I said, packing away my pad and hooking one knee up on to the seat in order to rest my chin on it.

"Truth or dare!" Flo grinned in the driving seat.

"If you're going to play truth or dare, I'm going to sit in the driving seat so I don't have to take part" Silas said.

"Fine." Flo pulled over and climbed through in to the back, parking herself next to me. Silas started up the car again and kept us moving. "I'm going first!"

"Flo, you're such a child."

"I know." She grinned. "Ask me then."

"Truth or dare?"

"Dare." I puzzled for a moment. Harry came up with one first.

"I dare you to take a shot of vodka." I stared at him.

"Harry, you know what she gets like when she drinks vodka!"

"Exactly." He said, only glancing at me before passing Flo the vodka. She took a shot, grinned, and then turned to me.

"Truth or dare Aimee?"

"Dare." I rolled my eyes as she thought.

"I dare you to tell the others about your you know what." She winked.

"Flo! I told you that was a secret."

"Oh come on, they'll love it!"

"Alright, alright. I got a tattoo last weekend." Harry and Livvy gaped at me.

"What of and where?" Harry asked.

"It's a hummingbird. And it's... well it's right up on my thigh." I pointed to the top of my leg. Livvy looked quietly impressed, and Harry was grinning.

"Show them Aimee!" Flo giggled; the vodka was taking its toll already and she was giggling hysterically. Flo was a major lightweight when it came to vodka.

"No, I don't think so." I said, not daring to look at Harry.

"Oh go on!" She said, practically falling on me now.

"Harry! I told you no vodka! Look at her, she's mental!" I was slightly cross and it showed; Livvy looked shocked because no one had ever seen me get mad at Harry properly before. I made Flo drink a pint of water, then lay her on her side in case she threw up. Harry hadn't spoken after my little outburst, and for the next half an hour we sat in quiet, only Livvy and Harry speaking.

The End

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