Silas: More Questions than AnswersMature

"Just pull in over here." I smiled as I gave the instruction, feeling good in my position of power. It was a nice change to be listened to, if only as a driving instructor.

"We got time for a quick shop?" Aimee asked. I gave her a quick nod so she jumped out of the van, heading straight for the little shop. With that, everyone started to filter out of the van, eager to stretch their legs. Only Flossie stayed behind, looking at me.

"Can I help you with anything?" I put on my sweetest voice, half pretending to be on the other side of a cash register.

"Who was she?" She was sharp and to the point; it did shock me a little.

"I don't know a great deal about her to be honest."

"It's just not like you at all Silas. Is something going on?" I watched her eyes as they yearned for answers. I offered her a gentle smile, leaning over to explain.

"I met her on the beach, after I opened my mouth at the wrong time. She tried to chat me up and I said no. There isn't much to tell, Flossie."

"Two questions. Is something up with you and why is she standing over there waving at us?" I turned sharply, looking out of the window and at the form of Angel, walking towards not only the van, but more importantly Harry.

"Rain check on the first one? I should sort this out."

She laughed at me rushing out of the van, leaving me only a split second to notice her nod in response.

"What brings you down here?" Harry was turning on the charm, much to the amusement of Livvy. I tapped her on the shoulder and gestured for her to give me a minute.

"Good luck," she whispered in my ear as she walked over to join Aimee and help her fill up the van.

"Harry, if I may." I had my hand on his shoulder, subtly pulling him back.

"A little busy here, Si. Give me a minute." He flashed me a smile that to most people would have said 'see you in a minute' but I knew meant 'get lost!'.

"Sure I can't interrupt?" Without even looking at me, he nodded fiercely, reaching out to touch the girl who seemed to be stalking us. Me. From over Harry's shoulder, she saw me mouth 'I'm sorry for this' and smiled widely in response. "I can't let you do this, Harry. Not this time."

And with that, I pushed him away with a little more force than I intended to and pulled Angel into an embrace, kissing her. As her scent of rose flooded my nostrils, I retreated, shocked at myself a little.

"Sorry Si. Didn't know." Harry limped back, mouth agape much like the rest of my friends. When he was out of ear-shot, I looked at her in disgust.

"Now you enjoyed that didn't you, Si?" As she said my name, I felt like I had been betrayed by my friends; they had given her something that she should never have known.

"I'm not in the mood for this. Just tell me what you are doing following me."

"I'm just innocently driving along a road."

"Oh cut it. Just give me a straight answer."

"Am I making you mad?" I could see that she was enjoying this, her entire body grinning as she moved closer to me. "I like passionate men."

That was it. Before I started shouting and flailing my limbs, I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her closer, whispering harshly in her ear:

"Now you listen to me, Angel. I am not interested, understand? Stop following me or I seriously will get angry and you will not like that. I am the wrong man to mess with, girl."

"You're the only one to ever say no." was all she could respond with, moving away from me.

"And I always will. So if you carry on doing this, you'll not only be wasting my time, but yours as well. I'm sure you could seduce a fair few other guys in that time."

"Nobody ever says no." she hissed as she walked away to her car, thrusting her backside out with a wiggle. I turned to see Harry's eyes darting between me and her. I sighed.

I paid for the gas and joined everyone in the van, sitting with Flossie in the front. Everyone was looking at me.

"What are you all looking at?" It was then that I realised that the questions would be coming. Lots of questions. Ugh.

The End

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