What's Going On?Mature

I was a little upset to say goodbye to Ian.  He'd been a nice guy.

But we were moving on to bigger and brighter things.  Our road trip was going to continue and we were going to meet a lot more people.  But it looked like Silas had brought one of his new friends with him.  I hadn't thought Silas was the type who picked up strange girls at parties.  I was learning a lot about my friends on this trip.  God knows what could come out over the rest of the summer.

Heading south I was sat in the back with Livvy and Harry, but for some reason Harry was being quieter than usual.  It made me feel a little unsettled.  If he was being so quiet then something had to be seriously wrong.  Did he know about Aimee?  He didn't seem like the sort who would judge her because of her sexuality but then again I'd never seen him have to deal with a situation like this.  Who knows, maybe my laid-back open friend was actually a bit of a homophobe.

I was just glad that Aimee had decided to talk to me about it.  I did't think I'd have been able to hang around her for the whole summer if we'd constantly had that tension between us.  And I didn't want to lose the best friend I'd ever had.

"Surely it's my turn to do some driving," I said, leaning in through the gaps between Silas and Aimee's head.

"I don't think so," Aimee laughed.

"Why not?"

"Remember the last time you drove with all of us in the car?"  Livvy said.  "How many hours were we lost for?"

"Come on guys that was one time!"

"I think it was three," Harry piped up.

"Really?"  Silas joined in, " I thought it was at least four."

"That's not fair," I protested.  "At least I didn't kill us."

"I think if we'd been lost for much longer you would have been the one in danger of being killed by the rest of us," Aimee joked.

"But this time I have Silas to direct me so we won't get lost.  Please let me do some driving, I feel so bad letting you guys do all the work while I'm sitting in the back doing nothing."

"We can change over at the next station," Aimee said.  "It's time for me to have a break anyway."

"I love you Aimee," I said, planting a kiss on her cheek before retreating into the back.  "What?"  I asked when I realised Harry was looking at me funny.

"Nothing," he replied, instantly looking away.

"Come on Harry, you've been acting oddly ever since we started driving again.  That can't be because of nothing."

"I'm just tired," he replied.

"Harry Fitz doesn't get tired.  He's always the life and soul of the party.  Now tell me what's wrong."

"Just leave it Floss," he snapped at me.  "I don't want to talk about it."

"Sorry," I apologised hastily.  I hadn't realised I'd touched on such a sensitive topic.  Harry had never shouted at us before, never been angry for no reason.  What was going on with him?

The End

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