Silas: Next StopMature

I knew that everyone else hated a back seat driver but I just couldn't resist. I knew where we needed to go and made sure that Aimee did as well.

"Shut up Silas. I know what I'm doing."

"Just don't get us lost."

"Thanks for the support." She turned away, focusing on the road.

I looked to Harry who just winked at me. I laughed under my breath, focusing on the others in the van; both Flossie and Livvy were engrossed in conversation, talking about their new friends. For a split second, they looked up at me, querying why I had been staring at them. I apologised, telling them that I hadn't meant to. Avoiding any further embarrassment, I looked out of the window, focusing on the other cars.

There was another car staying level with us - it was a flashy sports car that could clearly overtake us with great ease, especially with our driving team. I could have sworn that the driver of the car was looking at me with familiar eyes. Then she waved and I realised who she was. It was Angel. She blew me a kiss before honking her horn, attracting Harry's attention.

"She's nice," he grinned with more self satisfaction than he should have done.

"Come on Harry. Focus!" Aimee wasn't best pleased by him - who could blame her.

It was then that Angel honked again, accelerating slightly. I waved sarcastically until she was gone.

"Know her Si?" Harry was suddenly interested in me, looking at me intently.

"We chatted. Nothing special." I smiled knowingly. I had no intention of telling him anything else, just to annoy him.

"We all have our little secrets don't we?" he was suspicious.

"Pull in over here, gas station. We need the fuel."

I was enjoying myself much more than I thought I would.

The End

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