Harry - SiMature

“What’s up?” I asked Si quietly,

“Nothing,” he muttered,

“Well it’s got to be something…you can’t be mad for no reason!” I complained,

“It’s a reason you know,” he said glaring at me, I checked that the rest of the group were still talking,

“Well enlighten me,”

“I’ll let you figure it out for yourself,” Silas hissed, I stood up and went to sit next to A,

“What’s up with him?” she asked,

“Ask him…and then tell me,” I smiled, she snuggled into my sweater and closed her eyes, “Tired?”

“You bet I am!” she smiled,

“You can sleep whilst we’re driving,” I told her putting my arm around her torso. I noticed Ian watching me and I stared back, he probably got the wrong impression from last night, I didn’t really care we were going again soon.

“So I think we should head down to Florida,” Silas said to everyone after an awkward silence, “from there we can travel along the coast of Alabama, Mississippi, Texas, across the desert in New Mexico and Arizona and then to California!”

“Wooo!” Livvy cried,

“That’s the game plan for the next week or so,” Si smiled,

“Well let’s go!” I cried standing up with A,

“Roadtrip!” Floss grinned. And off we set again, for our next leg of the journey. 

The End

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