Silas: LonelinessMature

We must have been sitting there, just chatting for at least an hour. I was politely answering a question that one of the two newbies had asked when I noticed something. There was clearly a lot of tension in the group; people were avoiding each other and that was not right. It seemed like a job that needed sorting out so I stopped talking about myself.

"So, anyone else got anything to say? Anything happen last night they want to share?"

After receiving more glares than I was comfortable with, I held up my hands and got up. None of them seemed interested in me anyway. Whats-his-face had only asked me a question out of courtesy. As I walked off, hoping to find somewhere that I wouldn't put my foot in it, I heard a chorus of laughter coming from the group. It was barely audible now but after catching a couple of glimpses of them turning to look at me, I got an idea of what was going on.

I had walked down the beach, going further than the party-goers of the night before had gone. My friends were just a blip in the distance now and so with a sigh, I sat down on, my feet being grateful.

"What brings someone like you out here?" a female voice from behind me asked.

I jerked my head sharply to see that a girl had been lying not far behind me and had not decided to make herself known to me in a more normal manner, instead choosing to scare me.

"What's that supposed to mean? Someone like me?" I knew that I sounded defensive but I didn't care - she knew that she had put me on edge.

"You look too smart." She was now sat up and so I could see her more clearly - she was Harry's type and I suspected that she had the brains and the morals to match.

"Who are you to judge me like that?"

"The name's Angel."

I looked at her quizically, bewildered by what she had said.

"Did you not understand the question?"

"Did you not understand my answer?" Her retort had just added to her clear attitude issue, making me more frustrated.

"I'll just leave you to it." I started to walk off but she caught up.

"Your friends don't see it do they?" I looked into her eyes, wondering what she meant. "The sadness and the loneliness."

"Are you quite finished?" I had put on my most cynical voice and laced it with sarcasm, making Angel back down. "I'm not interested Angel. You just aren't my type."

"Can't blame a girl for trying."

And with that she waltzed off, going with a skip. I was upset to see that I hadn't dented her confidence, but not surprised; she could have picked up guys like me without even trying. At least it had given me some confidence.

I walked purposefully back to the others, determination growing like a fire in my eyes. After all, the toilet was over there and at that second, that was my priority.

The End

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