Meet The FriendsMature

I disappeared from the van as early as possible under the pretence of finding Ian, but the truth was I didn't want to be confronted by Aimee.  I wasn't sure how I felt about seeing her with another woman.  I don't think the fact that she was attracted to women was the bit that was getting to me; it was that she didn't feel she could tell me about it.  We'd been friends for as long as I could remember and had told each other everything.  Why would she keep this a secret from me?

"Hello gorgeous," Ian said, running up behind me and grabbing me around the waist.  "How are you feeling this morning?"

"So-so," I replied, turning round to put my arms around his waist.  "It was definitely worth it.  I had a good time last night."

"Even if we were rudely interrupted.  Who was that guy anyway?"

"That was just Harry, he's a really good friend of mine."

"Are you sure that's all he is?"  Ian said raising one eyebrow skeptically.  "From the way he stepped in last night I would say he has other motives than those of a good friend."

"What are you suggesting?  That Harry has feeling for me?"  I laughed.  "Just because Harry and I are close doesn't mean that we have feelings for each other.  Not like that anyway."

"Don't get defensive," Ian said holding up his hands.  "I was just observing."

"And anyway I don't think I'm Harry's type."

"All the better for me," he said, kissing me and putting his arm around my shoulder.  "So how long are you here for?"

"Just a few days I think.  Silas is in charge of all the planning stuff."

"You seem like an odd group of people."

"What do you mean by that?"

"I just wouldn't picture you guys together in a group.  You're all so different."

"I guess I've never thought about it like that," I confessed.  "We just gathered together into a group and haven't been able to get rid of each other since!"

"Interesting way of describing your friendship," Ian laughed.

"Do you want to meet them?  They'd like you, I know they would, even if they're a bit defensive at first.  They only do that because they want to protect me."

"As long as I get to spend some more time with you I don't mind what we do," Ian said a little less enthusiastically than I would have liked.

"Alright then, come meet my friends."

I'm not quite sure why I invited Ian into our little circle.  Maybe to prove to him that there wasn't anything between Harry and me, and partly because I didn't want to have to face Aimee alone.  If I had Ian with me she probably wouldn't bring it up.

"Hey guys," I called to the others who were sitting on their towels where I had left them.  "This is Ian, I met him last night."

I could almost see Harry's ears prick up at the sound of Ian's name and the rest of the group watched with great interest as we sat down on my towel, Ian's arm around my waist, pulling me back to lean on him.

The End

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