Harry Fitz - MorningMature

“Now what’s for breakfast?” Aimee asked, I handed her a bacon roll and she grinned knowingly,

“I didn’t cook this one,” I smiled,

“Do you remember?” she asked,

“How could I forget?” I laughed; she giggled and sat back down next to me,

“The good old days,” she said taking a bite, “I couldn’t forget them if I tried,”

“You sound like an old lady,” I muttered,

“I was just reminiscing our childhood,” she took another bite, “how many times have you almost killed me?”

“Only about five,” I said biting my own roll,

“I reckon more…the bacon sandwich, the car crash, when you pushed me out the tree…”

“Morning,” Silas smiled climbing out the van, I handed him a sandwich and he smiled gratefully, “cheers,”

“Sleep well?” I asked him,

“It could have been better if you hadn’t kicked me out the bed twice,” Silas told me,

“You stole the cover!” I retorted,

“You sound like a married couple,” Flo said grinning and stepping out followed by Liv,

“Maybe we shouldn’t share any more?” I offered, “Or you could be in for a whole lot more kicking,”

“Yeah, well now you see, no one’s going to want to share with you, if we’re just going to get kicked,” A muttered,

“I wouldn’t kick a girl,” I told them, “plus if they stole the cover, I could easily pull it back,”

“Hey we’ve got muscle too!” A said flexing, I laughed at the pathetic lump, “Arm wrestle!” she demanded, “But I’m allowed two hands,”

“Deal,” I said grinning and going over to a picnic table.

After I’d won three times out of three, we rejoined the group and made a joint decision to head back to the beach. We laid out towels and the three girls disappeared, Floss went to find Ian and the two girls went to paddle in the sea, I was left with Si.

“Where to next?” I asked him, he turned to me and narrowed his eyes,

“Are you just going to pretend nothing happened?” he asked surprised,

“What?” I asked, “What happened?”

“I saw you!”

“When?” I asked getting more frustrated,

“Kissing Aimee!” he almost shouted,

“When?!...Ohhh,” I said with realisation, “she kissed me, and she was seriously drunk and it lasted like a second!” I told him,

“Well don’t let it happen again, if something happens between you two, it’ll be so awkward,”

“It won’t,” I muttered angrily,

“Good,” Si said getting up, “I’m going for a walk, see you later.”

The End

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