Harry Fitz - Campfire AnticsMature

By midnight I had made-out with seven girls - a new personal best – and consumed enough alcohol for three people, but I still wasn’t drunk. I figured it was because I had eaten three corndogs and I was fairly big, it just didn’t affect me, but I didn’t care because everyone else was so drunk they didn’t notice I wasn’t. I went to sit by a girl in dread by the campfire; she was strumming her guitar and looked kind of stoned. I was exhausted from all the dancing but still had enough energy to flirt,

“Your hair is rad,” I said in her ear, she smiled and pulled away, her pupils were dilated – yep, definitely stoned,

“Thanks,” she smiled, “you play?” she offered me her guitar,

“A little,” I confessed but refusing to take it,

“Go on, I dare ya!” she smiled and shoved the guitar at me; I took it from her and began to strum a few chords. A few people gathered round the campfire to watch or sing along, I decided to opt for a song everyone knew. I looked up for inspiration and saw A making out with someone, I smiled, A was always a good source of inspiration…

“Oh her eyes, her eyes
Make the stars look like they're not shining…”I sang, a few people joined in, I glanced over the audience and then to A, she heard my voice and pulled away from the guy she was kissing…but it wasn’t a guy, it was a girl. Either she was very drunk or had something to tell us, but as soon as our eyes met I moved into the chorus.

“When I see your face
There's not a thing that I would change
Cause you're amazing
Just the way you are
And when you smile,
The whole world stops and stares for awhile
Cause girl you're amazing
Just the way you are.” She moved away from the girl and moved over to me, she squeezed next to me and the dread-girls and began to sing along as if nothing had happened. I had accumulated quite an audience so I couldn’t stop to talk to her, after I’d finished Bruno Mars I moved onto Taylor Swift – I secretly loved a bit of country and girls really dig her songs. By twelve thirty the dance music had stopped and everyone had gathered around the campfire, drinking. Some played their own instruments and the majority of others sang along. A nestled her head into my shoulder making it harder to play, but I figured she’d fallen asleep and I didn’t want to wake her. I scanned the crowd for the rest of the group, but I could only see Silas and Livvy…where was Flossie? I gave the guitar back to the dread-girl and thanked her; I picked up Aimee and met up with Si and Livvy by the side of the group.

“Has anyone seen Flo?” Liv asked quietly,

“You two go and look for her, I think A’s passed out, I’ll take her back to the van,” I whispered, we all agreed and Silas and Liv disappeared. I carried A up to the van and placed her in one of the beds; she murmured and then opened her eyes slowly.

“Harry?” she groaned quietly,

“I’m here, you feeling okay?” I checked, I felt her temperature,

“I drank way too much,” she giggled, she took my hand off her forehead and rested her face against it, I watched her warily, “you’re funny,” she laughed again – I was pretty sure I hadn’t done anything.

“No you’re funny,” I said trying to pull my hand away, she suddenly sat up in her bed and wrapped her arms around my neck; she pressed her lips against mine. I slowly took her hands off from my neck and pushed her back down, “you’re a little out your mind right now,” I explained, “I think it’s better to just go to sleep,”

“Not tired,” she muttered moodily and crossed her arms,

“Well I am,”

“Where are the others?” she suddenly asked sitting up in bed,

“They’re just coming, if you go to sleep now they’ll be here in the morning,” I told her, I felt like her dad. Her eyelids fluttered and she relaxed into her pillow, I made sure she was on her side in case she threw-up and then I left her locked in the van to go and join the search party. I didn’t need to look far, pressed up against the closed beach shop was Floss with a guy, I looked away and coughed loudly, I heard muffled voices and Floss came to my side.

“Yes Harry?” she began to flatten her hair,

“We were looking for you,” I said turning to her,

“This is Ian,” she pointed at the dazed guy, he nodded his head at me and I put my arm around Floss protectively,

“You mind if I take Floss for the rest of the night?” I asked, it sounded dirtier than I meant,

“Do we have to?” Flo asked,

“Come on, everyone’s looking for you,” I said pulling her away,

“See you Ian!” she cried, “I’ll be here in the morning,” I led her back to the van and rang Si to tell them we’d found her.

“We’ve got to be quiet, A’s already asleep,” I whispered as the group re-formed,

“Aren’t we going back to the party?” Flo asked,

“Not tonight,” I said pushing her into the van,

“Jeez man, why are you so uptight?” she asked loudly, I just hushed her and climbed in after.

The reason I was being the party-pooper was because after watching A make-out with that girl I realized they needed someone looking after them. These girls were vulnerable and I wanted to look out for them as a friend, plus it was my van and so my rules. I was sure that despite my own reckless-in-love personality I didn’t want these girls following my bad example. Plus I was the only half-sober one here – they’d thank me in the morning.

The End

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