Silas arrived back with a couple of drinks and threw them on the floor.

"Here you go guys." Harry sat up and grinned.

"Silas you're a legend. How'd you get that?"

"Girl didn't even ID me."

"Nice. Well that's what you get for looking like one of them geeky men that never live out their highschool years look." I chucked some sand at Harry.

"Leave him alone Harry. Just cos you're such a walking block of muscle and no brain doesn't mean that every man has to be the same."

"Oh! So I have no brain have I?" He gave me a grinning menacing look and climbed on to his knees, ready to pounce.

"You've got a brain, it's just in your pants." He jumped at me and we rolled about in the sand, fighting each other.

"Guys! Cut it out, you're getting sand on all of us!" We sat up to see Flossie shaking sand from her hair with a scowl.

"Sorry Flo." We said in chorus. As I shook the sand out of my hair I saw a crowd of people gathering over by a bonfire. Some guy was fiddling about in the boot of his car, and he pulled out a big speaker.

"Hey guys, check it out. There's gonna be a party."

"Awesome! We should crash." Harry stood up and surveyed the party.

"I'm not sure. They might not like that..." Livvy said.

"Well lets see shall we?" Harry pulled her and Flo up. Silas and I stood too. The music was now playing, and around thirty people were dancing around the fire. We made our way over cautiously. A girl on the edge turned round while she was dancing and saw us standing there.

"Hey, come and join us!" She beckoned. Her eyes flicked to Harry and she grinned. Harry winked at us, then went to join in dancing with the girl.

"Typical" Flo and I muttered. We joined in the party, which was really picking up the pace because now there were about fourty people there. A barbeque had been set up, and people were chatting, eating and dancing, not to mention drinking. I grabbed a beer and made my way to where people were sitting with food. I sat down, and it wasn't long until someone came and joined me.

"Hey, I'm Kat." I shook her hand.

"Aimee. Nice to meet you Kat."

"You too. So do you know anyone here?"

"No. This girl invited us to join you because she thought my friend was hot." I took a sip of my beer and rested my arm around one of my knees.

"Oh right. I only asked because the same happened to me. I've just come off my shift." She pointed at the little beach shop next to the corndog stand Harry and I had gone to.

"Right. So you live near here?"

"Yeah, you?"

"Nah, we're on a road trip. Exploring America." I said dramatically and she laughed.

"That sounds nice. I'd like to do that one day."

"Well I'd invite you but our van is already packed. Shame." She blushed."You want to dance?" She nodded. We wandered over to the dancers. I made sure I could see all the others, and that they hadn't wandered off before I let myself really enjoy dancing. Kat was dancing close to me and I had to admit I was enjoying being free of rules and a time to be home by. This party was really fun.

The End

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