Silas: Warming UpMature

I had wandered over to the van, sifting through my stuff for my sun glasses. When they came out broken, I sighed, chucking them into the trash. I had seen a hut just down the road so I figured I'd go for a walk on my own.

"Hey Si! Where you going?" Harry called from his comfortable seat on the beach.

"Away from you." A chorus of laughs accompanied my footsteps as I started to walk away. I could hear someone coming up behind me pretty fast and turned around sharply to see Liv there with a smile.

"You're more than welcome to use my phone if needs be, Livvy." I smiled kindly, hoping that she understood the sentiment. She nodded in understanding.

"It's ok, Silas. I'm fine." she patted me on the shoulder.

I picked up the first set of glasses I could find that suited me and paid the vendor. I thought about getting Liv something to help but picked up something for everyone else instead.

If we were going to be staying here for a few more days, I figured we'd need something to drink. Well they would at least. That way I'd get some peace in the morning.

The End

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