Liv: Relaxing on the beachMature

'Hey dad,' I whispered into the phone, away from the others. I didn't really want them to hear me, they might think I was a baby. I was beginning to miss my dad, despite being on the greatest trip of my life. It just felt weird, him not being there. I had spent virtually my whole life beside my dad, always having him there to talk to and here I was about to spend the majority of the summer away from him.

'Hey Liv, you kids having fun yet?'

'Yeah it's pretty cool. I miss you though!'

He sighed. 'Liv, I miss you too, but you should be with your friends, having fun. You can't keep ringing me up sweetie. I'll see you at the end of it all. Just relax and have fun. You deserve it.'

'I know,' I mumbled. 'I'll speak to you later, yeah?'

'Yeah, bye Livvy.' 

He hung up. 

I shuffled through the sand, heading back to the others. Harry had gone with Aimee to get some corndogs and I sank down next to Silas. Floss was laying out flat in her bikini sunbathing, large sunglasses covering her eyes. 

'You okay?' Silas nudged me.

'Yeah,' I smiled. 

Silas completely understood what was wrong with me; he'd known me long enough. He knew all about my mother's death and how much it had affected me, how much I relied on my dad now. He never spoke about it, just always made it clear that he was there for me if I ever wanted to speak about it. 

'Cheer up Liv, we're on vacation!' he slung his arm around my shoulder, giving me a playful hug. 'This is gonna be the best summer of our lives.'

Aimee and Harry emerged from around the corner, carrying some corndogs and soda cans. They sat cross legged opposite Floss and Silas and I skooched over to form a lopsided circle. After passing out the drinks and the food, there were a few moments silence as we cracked open the cans and munched on the corndogs. 

'So. Where to next?' Aimee asked, between a large gulp from her soda.

'Dunno,' Harry mumbled through bits of food. 'Where to next Silas?'

'Let's just think about now,' he responded, startling us all. 'What?'

'Well, you're normally the one with the plans.'

'Yeah but can't we relax for now? We've driven for hours, I don't even wanna think about where we're going until we've spent the day on this beach.' 

'Sounds good to me,' I murmured, stretching out on my back, allowing the sun's magnificent rays to caress my skin, warming it slightly. 

'Aren't you gonna use the sunscreen I gave you?' Aimee demanded, pretending to be offended.

'Oh yeah,' I frowned. 'But I wanna get a tan. I'm far too pale.' 

'You're not gonna get tanned, you'll get burned,' Floss pointed out. 

'So? It'll turn into a tan. I wanna be brown,' I pouted slightly, causing the others to laugh. '

'Join us pale skins,' Aimee chirped happily. 'Pale is the new brown.'

'Puh-lease,' Harry teased jokingly. 'Pale is, like, so last year!' 

Aimee smacked him playfully and I smiled, really enjoying myself. My dad was right. I should just focus on the here and now, with my four closest friends and the whole summer full of possibilities and adventure stretched out in front of us. 

The End

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