Harry Fitz - BeachMature

I loved the sea; I loved how the water created waves which were so volatile and foamy. After kindly dunking Floss in the water, and being dunked in return, we turned on the rest of the group and attempted to submerge them too. Si managed to get away but I was more interested in dunking A, she was just an easy target, plus her hair went all frizzy when wet and it fuelled more jibes from me.

I took off my shirt and left it with Silas and his planning map, running back to the sea I was attacked by all three girls. “No fair!” I cried as soon as I had re-emerged from the water and shook my hair dry,

“I am not happy Mr. Fitz,” A pointed at her hair, “you better have packed some battery powered straighteners,” I just smiled at her and winked,

“I like your hair curly,” I shrugged,

“I wish I’d taken my cell out my pocket…” Liv said slowly trying to blow it dry, “it wouldn’t be broken if I hadn’t been dunked!” she gave me evils, “Thanks a lot Harry!” she stormed off back to Si, I felt bad but I didn’t know she had it on her.

“Ooops,” I muttered,

“Who cares? We’re on vacation; all I want to do is relax and party!” Floss chimed in,

“Yeah, but she wants to call her dad, they’re really close,” A muttered,

“She can have my spare phone,” I smiled, I didn’t care,

“I forgot how loaded your family were,” Floss said as we walked back to dry off by Si and Liv,

“They’re not loaded,” I replied quickly,

“Who gets a car as a graduating present?” A added,

“Many people, like…”

“Like?” Floss asked,  

“Bob,” I smiled,

“Bob?” she replied,

“You don’t know Bob?!” I acted surprised and offended, she hit my arm,

“Get a shirt on, we don’t want to see that,” she muttered her lame comeback. We sat down next to Liv and Si, I offered Liv my spare cell and she smiled,

“My dad will worry otherwise,”

“I am sorry,” I apologized,

“See!” she exclaimed, “There is a sweet, sensitive boy underneath all that façade!”

“Told you!” A laughed,

“I’m not!” I cried, “I’m hardy and manly,” I flexed my bicep and groaned,

“Not buying it,” Floss grinned, Silas remained quiet but I knew he was judging me, he knew I liked the attention and I wouldn’t deny it but these guys were my friends and nothing more. I just liked attention, there was nothing wrong with that…

“What’s for dinner?” I asked after five minutes of listening to the girls talk about sensitive boys,

“How about corndogs from the beach shop?” Silas asked, he’d done his homework yet again,

“And Harry will pay because he’s loaded,” A watched for my reaction as soon as she said it,

“Fine by me,” I smiled and took out my card, “but you can’t rely on my the whole summer, this baby has a limit you know…”

The End

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