We've Arrived!Mature

I didn't care where we were going as long as we were having fun getting there.  Silas was the only one who seemed bothered about having a plan.  As long as I got to party at some point, I wasn't bothered where I was.

By the time midday came around my sides were aching from laughing so much.  Harry was being more outrageous than usual and Aimee and I weren't helping the situation by egging him on.  Silas was his usual quiet self at the steering wheel, occasionally offering a comment or joke to which we all responded enthusiastically.  He might not say a lot, but when he did say something he was worth listening to.

"So what's the plan all-knowing one?" I shouted forward to Silas.

"I was thinking we'd head to the coast and have a few days on the beach so you can build up your tan Flossie."

"Girls in bikini's," Harry responded.  "I'm not going to complain!"

I elbowed Harry in the ribs but broke into hysterics at the same.  It always amazed me how Harry managed to get so many female friends but both Aimee, Livvy and I knew that most of what Harry said was bravado and underneath all the bluff he could be a caring, sensitive person.  I liked him for that.  And it was also nice to have someone who loved to party as much as I did.  He was one of the few people who could keep up with me.

"So partying on the beach it is," Aimee announced enthusiastically.  "I'd get that nail varnish on before we get there Flossie."

There was more laughter as we barrelled on down the highway towards the coast.  Silas had planned our route well.  The coast wasn't too far from where we began and it meant we could work our way around the country without missing anything.  I could see why we all trusted Silas to be our organiser.

Hours passed like minutes in the campervan and after a while Silas began to tire so Aimee took over and Silas stayed in the front to give directions.

Only a few hours after that and the sea appeared on the horizon glistening like a treasure chest full of diamonds.

"Beach look out because here we come," I shouted excitedly as the shimmering blue water grew closer and closer.  My heart was practically bursting from my chest when the van stopped in a parking lot only meters from the beach.

All of us exploded out of the van and ran onto the sand, scaring the few sun worshippers that were still there as the sun began to sink towards the horizon.  

"I'll race you to the sea," I shouted at the others as I sped off down the beach.  Harry and Aimee took up my challenge with the most enthusiasm, Silas and Livvy still in hot pursuit.  We all laughed as we slipped and slid on the sand, none of us wanting to be last.

"I win," I cried as I my feet became immersed in the lukewarm seawater.

"You cheated," Aimee protested.  "You had a head-start on the rest of us."

"You're just a sore loser because you can't run as fast as me," I joked, sticking my tongue out at Aimee, daring her to answer back.

"Right then," she said, giving the others a look I didn't like.

"No!"  I squealed, putting my arms up to protect myself as they all began splashing me vigorously with water.  Next thing I knew a pair of arms were around my waist and I was being dunked head first into the sea.  "That's not fair," I spluttered as I came to the surface looking like a drowned rat.  "There's four of you and only one of me."

"That's what you get for gloating," Harry said with a wink.

"And this is what you get for being a sore loser," I said, getting him in a headlock and dunking his head underwater with as much enthusiasm as he had dunked mine.

The End

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