One hourMature

We'd only been in the car one hour before we forced Harry to pull over and let Silas drive. Silas was the man with the plan, and having looked at his list of places to visit I realised I wouldn't mind going to some of those places at all. Once we had set off again, this time heading in an actual direction, I climbed in to the back to sit with the others.

"So guys, anyone want to see what I've brought for us all?" They nodded eagerly, so I grabbed my bag and opened it up. "Alright, Harry, I got you these, because I'm pretty sure that you'll find a use for them even if we are on a road trip." I tossed him a little box and watched his face turn to a grin.

"How well you know me A."

"As long as I don't have to hear it, I'll be fine. So next we have... Flo, I got you that nail varnish you wanted so that your toes will match your bikini when we go to the beach." I passed her the small bottle and recieved a hug in return. "And Liv, I got you this..." I chucked Liv a bottle of sunscreen, "...because you always forget to put some on."

"Cheers Aimee."

"And Silas, I got you this." I climbed back over the seat and showed him the road map I'd got. "Because I knew you'd be the man with the plan."

"Thanks Aimee, glad someone appreciates me." He said pointedly looking in the mirror at Harry.

"Well, they're nothing big, but I figured we needed these essentials. Although I'm pretty sure Harry already had his somewhere." I threw a sly look at Harry who winked at me and put the box of condoms in his pocket.

"Well, now we have the essentials that we'd all forgotten, what's the plan for night? Do we sleep on the road? Take turns driving? Or do we go in to trailer parks and crash on beaches?"

"Well, I'm pretty sure there will be babes at the beach, so I'm in for that." Harry said. As much as I loved Harry, he could be such a man. Brain in his pants, that sort of thing.

"Well since there will be guys too, I guess I'm in." Flo said, although she was only saying that because she knew she would get admired.

"Let's just go with it shall we? See where we're near when we're tired, that sort of thing. At least we know we could carry on going because we can drive in turns." Livvy said, and I nodded. Harry leaned back and coughed.

"Sounds good to me. Looks like that little present will come in useful A."

"Shut up." I threw a cushion at him, and tucked my legs up on to the seat getting comfortable for the journey. Silas drove on.


The End

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