Silas: Just Getting Swept AlongMature

I could feel the blood flowing to my lip as I bit it slightly, watching the road flow past at a pace that was a little too fast for my comfort zone. After spotting Harry pull over, I released my upper lip, hoping that the swelling would go down. I removed my glasses, blinking sharply as he smiled his way out of the driving seat. As I cleaned the glass, Aimee squeezed in next to me, flashing me a quick smile before turning away and simply talking.

I pulled the list out of my pocket and started to explain to everyone but was overpowered by some generic music blaring out of the car driving past. I opened the window, taking in a deep breath to shout but felt Aimee's hand on mine, her eyes telling me to keep my cool.

I brushed her off and shouted anyway, watching the nasty man swear back. Smirking as he turned off, I adjusted my glasses. She had moved away from me.

"Sorry for opening my mouth." I mumbled under my breath, allowing my ears to tune into the conversation.

"So where are we heading Harry?" It was Flossie, pretending to be interested in the answer.

"Well..." I started, looking to my list with a knowing grin.

"Thatta way!" He replied with a laugh, gaining a chorus of giggles. "Maybe you should ask Si. He had a couple of good ideas." I ignored his chuckle and began to talk my way through the list, explaining things that probably didn't need explaining.

That's when I stopped. "I did it again didn't I?" I joined in with the laughter, hoping that it would help them stop.

"Let's play it by ear. See what we've got around the corner." Livvy held her wrist, slanting her head to look smart, yet still cool; something which clearly evaded me.

"Why not?" I hollered, trying to sound nonchalant. 'Not when you use words like that' I thought to myself.

And with that we turned a corner and came face to face with something we hadn't seen moments before.

I stuck my head out of the window and took in a deep breath. We were back where I had started - my place.

"Why are we here?" I was just as confused as everyone else.

"Oh yeah - I was hoping we could borrow that thing in your car that makes it smell nice." Harry pleaded with his eyes, clearly aware of how often that worked with the girls.

"You mean air freshner?"

"Yeah that." I clambered out of the vehicle, unlocking my car and getting what I needed as quickly as I could.

I looked at my flat with one quick glance, smiling as my neighbour appeared at the door.

"Sorry - going away for a bit!" I yelled, jumping back in as Harry drove off.

"Any more stops that we don't know about yet?" Livvy asked.

He just smiled at her, watching the road as much as he thought was necessary.

"This is going to be a long day." I whispered under my breath.

The End

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