'Now Livvy, please be safe,' my father murmured. I was clutching onto my duffel bag tightly, as though afraid it was going to run away. I couldn't help feel a pang of guilt as I watched my father's anxious face telling me he was going to miss me. I was all he had, and vice versa, and to say I was gonna miss him would be an understatement. He looked a lot like me; we both shared the same black hair, only his thinned across his head, flecks of grey appearing around the ears. His brown eyes were aged and tired, lined with thin wrinkles.

'I'll be safe,' I promised, hugging him. 

A car horn sounded outside the house and my heart flipped. 

'I'll see you soon,' he smiled.

With one last wave, I was out the door, piling into a half full car with Aimee and Flossie in the front and Silas sat beside me. 

'We need to pick Harry up and then we're out of here!' Aimee squealed excitedly, revving the engine and tearing away. 

Pulling up outside Harry's house, we all noticed a VW campervan parked in the driveway. It was painted a shiny blue colour and we could see the little curtains hanging just inside the window.

'Wow,' I laughed. 

We all got out of the car to admire Harry's new gift.

'Do you guys like it?' he asked, appearing with a large duffel bag, a big grin plastered on his face.

'Your parents bought you this?' Aimee exclaimed.

'Yep,' he nodded. 'They thought it'd come in handy for the summer!'

'They were right!' Silas whistled appreciatively. 'Did you wanna start the driving Harry, and then I'll take over at some point? It is yours after all.'

'Okay,' he grinned. Harry waved goodbye to his parents and we all climbed into the campervan. It was incredibly spacious, there was plenty enough room to store our bags and to relax. 'Should we follow Aimee back to her house so she can leave her Toyota there?'

'Yeah, I think that's a good idea,' Aimee said from outside the van.

Harry slid deftly into the driver's seat, the massive grin still firmly attached to his face as he started the engine and began to tail Aimee's car.

'This is gonna be awesome,' he declared. 

The End

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