Harry Fitz - GraduationMature

It’s strange when you come to the end of an era, you have a overwhelming sadness because the high school years of your life can never be repeated, but then you have a sense of excitement because you’re about to embark on your new, adult-life. I would have probably been sadder if I wasn’t counting down the seconds until I could get out of Mr. Jefferson’s math lesson and hit the road for a road trip which was going to make this summer that bit better. I couldn’t believe Mr. Jefferson was still trying to teach us geometry, none of the class was paying attention and he didn’t seem to notice as he continued to write on the board and talk to himself. The bell rang and the class left Mr. Jefferson trying to hand out summer school leaflets, I caught up with Silas and followed him outside,

“Bye Harry,” a few voices called, I wasn’t really listening because I wanted to know what Silas was doing, he was scribbling something on a piece of paper,

“Dude, school’s out, what are you doing?” I asked, he waved the piece of paper in my face and rolled his eyes,

“Well I took the liberty in math to decide each destination of our road trip,” he smiled,

“Way to make it boring,” I groaned, “I thought we were going to be reckless and drive where ever we wanted to,”

“We were, but then I realized we would miss out on all the good sights,”


“Like Mount Rushmoor, the Grand Canyon…”

“Hey guys! How much are you looking forward to our road trip?" Floss interrupted, no one else called her Floss but I seemed to give all my friends individual nicknames and she kinda reminded me of candy-floss,

"Of course!" Si said, grinning.

"Flo, you're crushing A's arm. She needs that for driving and, well you know, other stuff." I winked at her, I had started calling her that ever since I first met her, but it had stuck every since and so had our friendship, for that I was glad,

"Yeah, we wouldn't want my arm to fall off, because then Harry would have to drive, and we'd all die in the first ten minutes of our trip." A jibed back, I narrowed my eyes,

"Ten minutes, practically a compliment of my driving from you," I said trying to hide my smile,

"Sorry, I meant to say ten seconds,"

"Haha!" I punched her gently on the arm,

"Hey guys, ready for tomorrow?" Liv asked arriving a little flustered,

"Completely! I am so excited!" Floss enthused; I smiled content to finally be free from school, homework and ridiculous rules and ready to set out on one of the longest and best summers of my life. I put my arm around A’s shoulder,

“Anyone want post-school milkshake? On me,” I asked, a chorus of ‘yes’ filled the air, I smiled and we sauntered off out the school grounds and to the local café. It was bustling with seniors but I managed to find us a table and went to order,

“Three chocolate, one vanilla and one strawberry milkshake please,”

“Anything else?” the waitress asked, she seemed a little light-headed,

“Maybe an iced tea and a two minute break for you?” I asked, she smiled,

“I wish…hey congratulations on graduating high school Harry,” she added, I didn’t realize I knew the girl but she seemed to know men, I guessed she was a sophomore, “what are you doing this summer?”

“I’d love to get into this,” I pointed between me and her, “but I’ve got a queue forming behind us and I don’t think they’d be too happy,” she nodded and turned away to make the drinks,

“Here are your milkshakes,” she put the glasses on a tray, I smiled to apologize,

“Keep the change,” I said laying down a twenty dollar bill.


As soon as I got home my mom was all over me,

“Harry!” she called as soon as she heard the door close, I sauntered into the kitchen,


“Well that’s it! You’ve graduated from high school,” she smiled, “I’m so proud of you,”

“Thanks Mom,” I said grabbing some chips, she looked at me in a disapproving manner, she hated when I became monosyllabic,

“Your father and I have a surprise for you,” She burst, I was suddenly interested, I put the chips down and followed her outside. Sat on the drive was a blue VW campervan, it had curtains, a sun roof and plenty of room for stuff for a road trip… My mouth dropped opened and I wrapped my arms around her shoulders, my dad appeared from the garage and smiled,

“Happy graduation day,” he smiled and came to stand by my side,  

“For me?” I asked still in a daze,

“When we heard you were taking that Toyota Sienna round the US, well I just couldn’t imagine you living in it all summer. We knew how much you loved the surf and camper vans in Cornwall when we went to England last year and well, I couldn’t resist. Do you like it?” she smiled,

“It’s so dope!” I cried, “Let me tell the guys!”

“Honey wait,” mom called, I turned back to her,


“After your crash last year, we just want you to be careful with this car, I don’t think Aimee would be too pleased if you almost killed her for a second time,” Dad said,

“I’ll be careful, I think Si is driving most of the way anyways,” I explained,

“Good,” mom smiled, “now go and get pack, I went up to your room earlier and you haven’t put a single thing in that duffel!” I groaned and obeyed.

The End

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