Louise: Risk Worth TakingMature

“I DON’T KNOW ANYTHING” I bellowed angrily between sobs, “How can I tell you what I don’t know” I asked.

The loud voice of Aleksei boomed back into life from what appeared to be thin air because there was no indication of any speakers, or not that I could see anyway.

“Want to play it like that then do you?” he asked threateningly, “I have two buttons in front of me, one will flood that room with Zyklon B and the other will reveal the exit, now tell me what you know about Silas or else I will kill you and your friends.”

“What do you want to know” I asked, thinking that if I played my cards right I may be able to escape. “Silas was in a relationship with a man called Guy was he not?” Aleksei asked. “He was” I replied perplexed, “but that was ages ago, before he ever met me what’s Guy got to do with anything?”

Aleksei laughed an evil laugh making a shiver run down my spine, “Guy has everything to do with this, you see he is my boss and he is wanting revenge!”

“Revenge?” I questioned, “why?”

Aleksei didn’t reply at first, he seemed to contemplate this question himself, like he didn’t know why himself. “Well?” I asked tapping my foot impatiently as if waiting for a child to explain why they came into the house with muddy shoes on when they were told to take their shoes off.

“Silas never realised how powerful Guy really is and now he will pay for what he has done!” “Okay then” I said thinking fast on my feet, - another good thing they teach you when training for the police – “Let me out and I will help you” I offered.

Aleksei snorted, “Do you really think I am so stupid to fall for that little chestnut?” he asked, laughing slightly, “No, your too smart to fall for something as classic as that” I replied, feeling around inside my jacket pocket for the gun I had snatched of Aleksei earlier. “But really, Silas has really been annoying me recently, he is being so possessive and I am not sure I like it, maybe I could help Guy get his revenge, what does he need to know?” I asked.

Aleksei pondered this offer for a while before conceding and saying, “I have been instructed to take you to Guy, but try any funny business and I will shoot you dead.”

Then the his voice went dead.

While I waited for Aleksei to come and unlock the door I fished around in my pocked and pulled out my mobile and quickly dialled Harry number – I don’t know why I decided to ring Harry but for some reason I knew that he hadn’t been captured.

The phone rung twice before Harry picked up, “Lou where are you? Are you okay, Thank god your alive”

I let a tear glide down my face before replying, “I’m fine Harry, but I haven’t got much time I was just ringing to say goodbye” I let out a sob as I said the word goodbye.

“No Lou, what are you going to do? Don’t do anything reckless, we can save you, we can…” I cut him off at this point, tears gliding down my face, “Its too late for me, but save the others, and tell Silas I love him … Goodbye” I ended the call just as a key was turned in the lock and Aleksei appeared in the doorway carrying a gun and a blindfold.

He walked up to proceeded to blindfold me, then he pushed the gun into my back, “walk” he growled jabbing the gun harder into my back.

We must have walked for a good ten – fifteen minutes, along corridors and up staircases and just when I thought my legs were going to drop off from walking for so long with a gun pushed against my back we stopped and the blindfold was removed.

In front of me stood I could see a big black leather chair which spun around to reveal Guy, “I’ve been expecting you” Guy remarked putting on a deep sinister voice which made me think that this guy watched too much James Bond!

I folded my arms and gave him a disgusted look, “couldn’t you have come up with anything just a tad more original?” I asked. Guy laughed before gesturing for me to take a seat.

I shood my head, “No, I’d rather stand because the thing is … I’m not staying” I said quickly pulling out Aleksei’s gun from my pocket. Guy quickly raised his own gun and aimed it at me. “You double crossing little sneak” he snarled placing his finger on the trigger. I placed my finger on the trigger, “You are in a no win situation here, if you shoot me, I’ll shoot you” I said not taking my eyes of Guy.

“You’ll kill yourself” Guy noted, “That’s a risk I am willing to take” I replied pulling the trigger but not before Guy had pulled his and unbeknown to me Aleksei had shot at me too.

Guy fell off his chair as the bullet hit him and I crumpled to the ground as two sharp pains hit me at full force. My vison blurred and my hearing become muffled. All I was aware of was my breathing becoming just that little bit more difficult … getting slower and slower and slower still.

“I love you Silas” I rasped before I was plunged into darkness, the pain from the bullets ebbing away into nothingness.

The End

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