Harry - LostMature

The van pulled off down a small road which led to a small settlement, the road ended and the van stopped. There was a sign of the edge of the road which read ‘Rodger’s Lake’ my eyebrows mashed, the worst thought imaginable coming into my mind…had they already killed them and were they hiding the evidence? I got out the car slowly as the doors on both sides of the van opened and two men got out, they walked round the van and opened the doors revealing an almost empty trunk. One man climbed in and brought back some fishing nets and a fishing pole, they glanced at me standing by my car and then headed towards the lake. I groaned and leant against the car in annoyance, all that time for nothing! I peered in the van for a last check and then climbed back in the Ferrari; I did a U-turn and headed back to Vancouver.

My cell went off as I was entering North Vancouver, it was Ian.

“Thank God you’re still alive!” Ian breathed,

“Where are you?” I asked, “Where are the others?!”

“I don’t know,” he replied, “Where are you?”

“In a car in North Vancouver,” I replied,

“What are you doing there?!” he demanded,

“Long story,” I replied taking a left, there was a silence as we both formed a plan of action.

“I went to find my cell in my bedroom to call the police and when I came back you had gone!”

“I left as soon as I woke up,” I replied, “what did the police say?”

“They wouldn’t listen, they said something about lack of staff and said they’d put it in their books but couldn’t look into it until tomorrow!”

“Crap,” I muttered stopping at some lights, I switched the cell into the other hand and balanced it between my shoulder and ear. “Okay I’m heading into Four Seasons,” I said as I made the turn,

“That was quick!” Ian replied a little impressed, as I came to the door I saw Ian making his way out. His mouth dropped open as he saw the car and after I wound down the tinted window he smirked, he came across and put his cell in his pocket. “I know you were loaded, but not this loaded!”

“I’m borrowing it,” I winked, “get in!” Ian obeyed and put the seatbelt on. “Where to?” I asked,

“I have no idea…” he sighed,

“Hey! That’s my car! He’s got my car!” the rich man began to run towards me and I put my foot on the gas and made a speedy exit, we didn’t know where we were going but getting out the Four Seasons was the first step. I went straight over some crossroads and then I pulled into a small street; Ian picked up his cell and rang Flo. It picked up and all we could hear was muffled voices, male voice.

“We’re in a house on Clinton Street,” came Flo’s hushed voice, the phone went dead. I was already turning around and Ian breathed slowly,

“She’s still alive. Thank God!"

The End

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