Flo: Hallway StandoffMature

When I saw Harry hit the floor I couldn't help screaming.  His body was limp and lifeless and I feared that he was dead so it was an utter shock to me when the gun went off in my hand, the bullet grazing Aleksei's leg and leaving a hole in his trousers.

"You little-" the words came out of his mouth with such venom I could feel my hand beginning to shake as I held the gun.  I was so scared I didn't even notice the group of man with a machine gun concealed in his coat until the barrel was pointing straight at me.  He was flanked by several other men and I had no idea whether or not they might be armed.

I might not have been good at Math in high school, but even I could tell that Ian and I were outnumbered, despite the fact that I could only see one gun other than the one in my hand.

"Play nice and we might let you two go," the man with the machine gun said.  "Drop the gun."

I shook my head, my fear now making me clutch at the gun harder, the barrel pointed straight at our attackers.  Seeing that his tactic wasn't working, the man turned his gun at Harry's unconscious body.

"How about you drop the gun and I won't shoot him?"

A pair of reassuring hands enclosed themselves over mine.  "Put the gun down," Ian's voice said in my ear.  "I don't think he's bluffing."  The sound of such a reassuring voice after I'd spend God knows how long tied up had a strangely calming effect on me.  I slowly lowered the gun until it was pointing at the floor.

"I said drop it," the man said firmly, his machine gun never leaving Harry's back.  I felt Ian nod behind me and I knelt down and out the gun on the floor.  "Well done."  The machine gun man nodded to one of his companions who came striding towards us.

He kicked the gun out of my reach and proceeded to try and prize my hands away from Ian's.

"Don't touch her," Ian said, twisting me around so he was standing in between me and the man.

"I would advise you to stand out of the way," machine gun man said ominously.  "We have orders to take all the women, but the rest of you are dispensable."  There was a small click and a gun appeared in the hand of the man standing closest to us.

"I'm not moving," Ian said firmly.

"Don't do this," I begged.  "They'll kill you."

"See now the girl is talking some sense," the man with the machine gun said.  "I'd do as she says, we wouldn't want a dead body on our hands now would we?"

"I can't let you take her," Ian said, his voice, so steady before, beginning to waver.  "I am not going to leave her."

"Oh for God's sake, we don't have time for this.  Take the girl and let's go."

There was another click as the man standing in front of us cocked his gun, ready to fire.  I knew Ian wouldn't move so I used the last of my strength to shove him out of the way before a bullet could be fired.  Surprised, he fell to the floor

"Flo!"  He shouted as I allowed myself to be dragged away, too drained to even think about putting up a fight.  All I wanted was to keep Ian safe and I knew that if I struggled he would try and do something stupid which may end up getting him killed.

"Stay back or I will shoot," was the warning Ian was given as the group backed away, Louise's unconscious body slung over the shoulder of one man while another had his arm wrapped firmly around my waist and held my wrists together with a vice-like grip.

Ian looked totally bewildered as I was led along the corridor.  I could feel involuntary tears running down my cheeks, tears of fear and sadness.  We disappeared around a corner and Ian and Harry were gone.

"Bag her," the man with the machine gun ordered.  "She knows too much already, we can't risk her finding out any more."

A bag came down over my head, plunging me into darkness.

The End

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