Harry - Mission EnzoMature

As I was chasing after Louise I was forming a plan in my head, a plan to get away and to safety. With Aimee back there with Silas, I felt as if my heart had been left behind and I swore to myself if anything happened to Aimee, I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself. Flo began to slow and I copied looking up, the man was pointing his gun at both of us. I didn’t move forward this time, I knew he would shoot without a second glance. Flo tried conversing with him, but still I wasn’t concentrating. Was Aimee okay? Was Silas still alive? Had someone found them?

A fight scene broke out in front of my eyes, seconds later Lou was holding the gun at the man and she was grinning broadly. I ran forward with Flo, but it only took one move for him to knock Louise right out. His fist, with a knuckleduster on his hand, collided with her temple and she collapsed without a sound. Flo jumped forward and grabbed the gun as I launched myself at the man; he saw this coming and threw out his hand again. My forehead collided with his mesh of sharp metal spikes and I was thrown back, blood blinding my vision. I was only left with my sense of hearing, a gunshot resounded and a low cry of pain.

“You little…” the man began before a new sound of running came from behind me. I wiped my eyes again to see a group of men running at us and they didn’t look like they were on our side. Flo pointed her gun at them but the man in front revealed his machine gun strapped to his chest, hidden by a long black leather coat. I pressed my hand against the wound on my head and was pretty sure I could feel a dent in my skull, there was now a standoff between Flo and the men. Everything seemed to go quiet and then men began to swim around in my eyes, I felt as little high as I sensed myself slipping from consciousness.


I opened my eyes to the ceiling; it was white and had darker swirls in. My head was banging as though someone had just stopped whacking me with a saucepan, my vision was blurry and I realised the swirls were in actual fact splats of blood. I slowly sat up, my hand went to my head and I brought it away covered in a crimson liquid. I wiped it on the floor, a plush carpet like you’d find in a hotel… Hotel. Holiday. Silas. Men. Aimee. The banging in my head turned to one voice. Aimee Aimee Aimee. I got up as fast as my head would allow, I still felt dizzy but orientated enough to jog.

“Excuse me sir, are you alright?” a woman asked coming out her suite to a pool of blood, a gun and not much else. I turned and she squealed, obviously thinking I’d been shot in the head.

“Aimee.” I replied, the woman put her hand over her mouth and began to come towards me. “I must find Aimee!” I said to her. I turned back round and ran back to where I’d left her and Silas. They weren’t there anymore. I tried to break into room 608 but it was locked. I leant against the wall as the head rush blinded me again; I took three deep breaths forming a flimsy plan in my head.

Find the others.

The woman had caught up with me; she reached out and touched my shoulder. “I really think you should see a doctor.” She told me.Yeah? No kidding!

“Do you have a tissue?” I asked, she fished in her pocket and pulled out a crumpled one.

“I’m afraid it’s been used…” I took it from her and pushed it against my forehead.

“A plaster?”

“I don’t think a plaster will cover the whole wound…” she told me worriedly,

“Anything sticky will do!” I told her, she slowly put her fingers in her mouth and took out her gum.

“Eww no!” I said disgusted, she turned away and began to go back to her room.

“There’s a first aid kit in every room,” she said to me. Instead of wasting time by waiting I knocked on room 607 and asked for their first aid kit. I removed the dirty tissue and wrapped a bandage around my head, by this time she had come back and she helped me fasten it at the back. I left without saying thank you or good bye and was soon in the lift going to the reception. I ran to the desk and asked if they’d seen any suspicious looking people, of course they hadn’t because what criminal would bring hostages through a public place?

I left the desk and ran outside; I paused to admire a rich couple drive up to the front entrance in a Ferrari Enzo. A porter began putting their luggage on a gold luggage carrier. The rich couple came over to me; he smiled handing me the keys to his car. Was he insane?

“Put her in your best parking bay,” he told me smiling, “take good care of her.”

“Yes Sir,” I smiled nodding. I slid into the drivers seat, slammed the door down and revved. I drove back out the parking lot and onto the road, laughing out loud enjoying the vicious thrum of the engine; it was then that a dark ford pickup pulled out in front of me. I pulled into the faster lane and drove alongside the van; I craned my neck hard to see who was driving the van. Two dodgy looking men. The men noticed the ostentatious sports car and then met my gaze, the driver slammed his foot on the gas; he recognised me and wanted to get away. I didn’t expect the van to accelerate so fast, but as it pulled in front of me I realised that it wasn’t just a van. It was turbocharged. I raced behind them for what seemed like miles. We were soon out of Vancouver and heading north to the mountains. I didn’t know where anyone was, I didn’t know if they were all still alive and I didn’t know why they were after us. All I knew is that I had to keep up with that van and I was doing a pretty good job of it, thanks to my V12 engine and carbon fibre framework. 

The End

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