Louise: Zyklon B.Mature

“Let go of me you brute” I shouted, my arms writhing in every direction, but Aleksei tightened his grip on me and yanked me forward. Through the tears that blurred my vision, I could see Harry, Flossie and Ian chasing after my kidnapper, but just as they looked they were about to catch up to me Aleksei spun on the spot, the gun he was holding pointing at my friends who froze in their tracks and put their hands in the air in surrender.

“Let her go, please” Flossie demanded, rather bravely I thought as Aleksei now turned the gun to point at her and placed a finger on the trigger, “Never, this is Silas’s girlfriend, he wants her too,”

“What for?” Ian asked and Aleksei smiled but didn’t say anything, instead he turned again and continued to yank me away, however this time I was ready for him. I swung my leg back and kicked him between the legs making him crouch down in pain and to my luck he dropped his gun to the floor and I picked it up. I turned and flashed my friends a quick smile, before turning and pointing his gun back at Aleksei.

“You little sneak” he groaned, pulling himself back up to his full height and scowling, “You’ll pay for that” he said and for a moment I was curious as to how I was going topayseeing as though me and my friends seemed to have the upper hand; until something came crashing down on my head knocking me out cold.


Waking up, I found myself in what looked to be a small cell, I stood up and looked around all four walls looked very solid and rather sound proof.

“Let me out” I shouted but my voice just echoed around, bouncing off the walls, I crumpled into a pile and let the tears run down my cheeks. “Silas” I sobbed, rolling myself into a ball and wishing with all my heart that this was all a dream, but I knew it wasn’t.

A voice cut the silence, emanating from nowhere I could locate, it was Aleksei, “Quit crying, and tell me what you know” Aleksei bellowed, “I don’t know what you mean” I sobbed back.

“I suggest you tell me, or I will kill you” Aleksei threatened, “How?” I asked, getting to my feet and putting my hands on my hips, “Where am I?”

Aleksei laughed, “This cell is a recreation of a gas chamber used in world war two, and if you don’t tell me right now I will flood that room with Zyklon B.

I gasped

The End

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