Silas' last words rang in my ears. Why did I have to know? Why me?

I winced as the guy who had captured me started dragging me away, one hand still covering my mouth, the other yanking pulling at my arm. I felt like it was being pulled out of my socket, such was the pain. I started crying, partly for Silas, who was getting further and further away, and partly for myself. The others... I didn't know where they were. I wanted Harry, wanted him to hold me and tell me everything would be ok. And I wanted Flo, to make sure she was ok. I wanted Silas to be ok, and I wanted Louise to know how much Silas loved her. And I even wanted Ian, because he was the steady voice who would make sure we all kept our heads. I wanted my friends.

The man pulling me stopped and opened a door. He was still muffling me, but he released my arm for a second. I used it. I hit out, and I heard him yelp before his booted foot slammed in to my back and I felt pain again, but much worse this time. I cried out in to the muffling hand, and saw him grinning through a curtain of tears.

"Quiet pretty girl. You'll see your friends soon." And with that he shoved me through the open door and slammed it twice, catching my foot the first time so I yelled out. The door finally closed and I rolled over, still crying from the pain in my back, arm and foot. There was no one in the room, only a mattress, a sink and a toilet. It looked like this place was prepared for prisoners.

I knew I'd been dragged out of the hotel through a back door and down a fire escape. The blindfold had been put on when I was thrown in to a car, and I sat quietly, knowing the speed at which we were travelling was one which I wouldn't survive if I jumped, especially as I couldn't see. The rope around my wrists had chafed. The man had removed them when we reached the building however, as though he really wanted me to see everything. It suggested to me that there must be no one nearby the hear me, or at least this room was sound proof. Why else would he not bother about gags?

The door flew open, and two men entered. They looked like the typical muscle men with no brains.

"Huh, you're right, she is a pretty one." The one I didn't recognise said, before reaching down and grabbing my chin so he could take a proper look. I tried to hit him, but his hand slapped my face, and I was left on the floor as they left chuckling.

"Harry." I muttered, tears trailing down my face. "Harry."

With that I sank in to unconsciousness.


Waking up, I discovered that I was not alone in the room any more. I looked up and saw another man, dressed in a suit.

"Ah, sleeping beauty awakes." He announced, then knelt next to me. "Now, tell me what Silas told you."

I spat at him as I sat up. He stood, sighed, then motioned with his right hand. One of the muscle men from earlier came over.

"This is Carl. Carl has been to prison for beating his wife. There's a restraining order between them now, so he has to take his anger out on someone. That will be you, and your friends, if you don't talk." I glanced around, but none of my friends were here.

"You don't have my friends."

"How do you know that?"


"Exactly. So tell me, or else your pretty friend, Flo, gets it."

As much as I didn't want Flo hurt, I didn't believe they had her. If they did, why wasn't she here? Surely her being in front of me would be more painful to me?

"You don't have her, and I'm not telling you anything."

"Oh you will." The man motioned and Carl's foot collided with back. "It's easier to hide if it's on the back." The man said while I reeled in pain.

The End

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