Harry - Football and Reality aren't very far apart...Mature

I must admit running to find Flo was similar to running for the football, I allowed myself to sprint as fast as I could and with the adrenalin pumping there wasn’t a whole lot of different – apart from the fact this actually mattered, it mattered big time. I overtook Ian and Silas, Aimee was keeping up but she fell behind as we came to the long sprint down the corridor to 608.

“Wait for us!” I yelled to Lou, despite being a policewoman she looked vulnerable hammering on the door, luckily I reached her side before anything happened.

“That’s his room,” Louise told us,

“Okay.” I replied, I already knew but there wasn’t time to explain that,

“Maybe they aren’t in there now,” Silas said a little breathless,

“No, they must be in there!” Lou began to bang the door again, it was as if she was about to do a police raid on a house. Lou was about to battle-ram the door with her own body but the door opened, and a man walked out with Flo held at gunpoint. I swallowed, man, this was serious.

“All of you, step back!” he yelled, his accent thick, I obeyed, “I will shoot!” he yelled and I believed him. His eyes were fierce and dark and they gave me a shiver as they glazed over my face, he rested his gaze on Silas and spoke quietly. “You, you’re the one he wants.”


Now the gun was pointing a Silas’ head, Flo was crying silently out of fear and I could see Ian really wanted to jump across and comfort her. Slowly I wrapped my hand around his wrist, stopping him from doing anything rash, we didn’t know if this guy would shoot.

“Don’t point that gun at my fiancé!” Lou demanded, she didn’t look afraid but her voice gave her away. The man smiled slowly and Flo began to struggle, he tightened his grip around her neck and she stopped, her eyes terrified. The man didn’t reply as he narrowed his eyes, I’d seen an expression like that before, he was going to shoot. My instincts took over; no one was shooting my best friend! I launched myself at him as though he was on the offence of a football game, I tackled him to the ground but it was too late – the sound of a bullet defined the silence. Flo wriggled out of the pile and ran to Ian, I pinned the man to the ground and Louise disarmed him, Ian helped by pinning his arms down and I sat on his legs.

Aimee and Flo were stood over Silas, his body was a crumpled heap on the floor and I felt my body begin to shake. Silas was dead.

“Silas, Silas!” Aimee was shaking him; Flo was inspecting his collarbone,

“He was shot in the shoulder,” she sat back on her legs and wiped a tear from her eye,

“Is he alright?” Lou asked rushing over,

“Never been better,” Silas wheezed, Lou leant over him and gave him a gentle hug. Ian and I were still struggling to keep the man down.

“Little help over here?” I asked as the man began to struggle harder, he raised his head defiantly and head butted Ian, Ian’s grip loosened on his hands and with one breaking free he landed a fist on my jaw. It was enough to throw me backwards and the man got up. I was lying on the floor at this point but when I sat up I saw Lou being dragged away by the attacked. Ian was already running after him yelling, “Stop that man!” and Flo ran after Ian, worried for his safety. Aimee was watching over Silas and I got up slowly feeling a little dizzy.

“Go Harry, they’ll need you!” Aimee begged, I nodded and got up and began again in hot pursuit of the others.

The End

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