Ian: You Are The One He WantsMature

As Harry, Silas and I exited the elevator, we saw several people leaning over someone who was lying on one of the lobby sofas. I looked past the small crowd of people and saw someone run around the far corner down the hall toward the stairs, someone who I thought looked like Louise.

"Did you see Louise?" I asked the two guys with me.

"What--" Harry started to say, but he was interrupted by a voice from the crowd.

"She went after Flo," Aimee called out as she was getting up from the sofa. She looked at the people standing about her, and she remarked with a flip of her wrist, "Must have been something I ate."

"What do you mean?" Silas asked after Aimee got herself away from the group of Good Samaritans. 

"She called Flo's phone again; this time it answered, and she heard a name: Aleksei. I distracted the receptionist so she could get the room number." She looked down at her phone and after reading a text message continued, "Room 608."

"She went up there by herself?" I asked and kept my mouth open in surprise.

Aimee shrugged her shoulders but didn't say a word.

"Big bad police woman!" Harry muttered.

"Hey, don't say--" Silas began to say, but I stopped him.

"Now's not the time." I broke into a run, heading for the stairs. 

"Aimee, you stay here," Harry ordered. "Call me if you see them, but stay out of the way."

The smacking of their feet on the floor let me know that I wasn't the only one in pursuit now. I ran faster than I had ever run before. Of course, I had never had a reason to run like this before. Never before had a girl captivated me like Flo had. 

Sure, there had been a ton of other girls. I was sorta like Harry in that respect, but not after Flo. I was a one-woman man now. I didn't know what I would do if I had to wait for the next one if something were to happen to Flo. Chances were I wouldn't find another one like my lady, my Flo.

As I rounded the stairs for the fourth floor, Harry overtook me being the athlete that he was. By the time I got to the sixth floor landing, Silas had caught up with me.

"Is everyone faster than me?" I said, panting and holding the door open. Silas ran past me and onto the carpeted corridor. I soon followed and saw Harry halfway down the hall. I could see Louise banging on a door on the opposite side of the hallway. She was yelling something that I could not make out.

"Wait for us!" Harry yelled after her.

"That's his room," Louise said when Silas caught up to Harry who had now been standing next to Louise for several seconds.

"OK," Harry replied.

"Maybe they aren't in there now," Silas offered.

"No, they must be in there," Louise yelled and started to bang on the door again.

I had reached the group by this point, but we weren't the only ones out in the hall. A few guests had stuck their noses out to see what was going on. One guy asked me that very thing, and I just looked at him, a blank stare on my face. I looked back to Louise without saying a word.

The door to room 608 opened, and a man stepped out, holding a gun to Flo's temple. 

"Whoa, calm down," Louise said as she instinctively stepped back. She held her hands up in the air.

"All of you, step back," the man yelled. When the group was not getting back fast enough, he haphazardly swung the gun in front of him, aiming at no one in particular.

"I will shoot," he yelled, but then he stopped when his expression rested on Silas.

"You," he said, barely above a whisper. He brought the barrel of the gun in line with Silas' head. "You are the one he wants."

The End

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