Louise: MysteryMature

We kept looking, knocking on every single door we passed and sometimes having to endure a less than friendly reception from the hotel guests.

“Maybe she went back to her room and she just missed her” I suggested, wondering who I was actually trying to convince because the likely hood of Flossie being in her room were the same as a pig flying to Jupiter, not saying a pig won’t fly to Jupiter one day but the chances were very slim.

I pulled my mobile out of my pocket and pressed the redial button and listened to the constant ringing from the other end of the phone. I was just about to hang up when her phone seemed to have been answered; the noises from inside the room were muffled, as though the phone had been answered from inside Flossie’s pocket.

I could vaguely the sound of two men talking to each other; one of them had a very strange accent, an voice which somehow seemed familiar to me. The man with the accent sounded like he was shouting at the other man, he had just said “You will get your money soon enough Aleksei  before the phone line went dead.

I whirled around to look at Aimee who looked back of me intently, “Well?” she asked, “What did you hear?” she asked shrilly. “Right, if my police training taught me anything it’s that I think that Flossie is being held captive but what for?” Aimee looked perplexed, “Why would Flossie be being held captive, we haven’t done anything illegal, not since the roadtrip, wait what if the police are behind this again?” she asked but I shook my head. “No its more than that, I reckon this is something closer to home, maybe revenge against someone I don’t know"

"You are making no sense Louise, tell me what you heard on the phone" she demanded furiously, making me think that Aimee should have been police interrogator.  “Right, I think she is being held captive by someone called Aleksei, I heard that name before the phone went dead”

Aimee’s brow furrowed, “I have never heard that name before in my life, why would this Aleksei kidnap Flossie? What’s she done to him?” Aimee asked. “I don’t know, maybe this Aleksei is not the person behind this, there was another voice but I didn’t catch his name but his voice was very familiar to me, he had a very distinct accent” I said trying to piece it all together inside my head like a huge jigsaw.

Then it struck me, “There is only one way to find out, come on” I said breaking into a run and running down flight after flight of stairs two steps at a time.”Where are we going?”Aimee panted, hands on her knees to catch her breath when I finally stopped running and we had reached reception. “Louise” she called as I walked up to the smiling lady at the reception but I waved her down, silencing her questions.

“Hello, I wonder if you can help me” I said to the smiling lady, “I am looking for a Mr. Aleksei?” I asked as casually as I could, “I’ll ring up to his room for you” she said still smiling as she picked up the receiver and called his room.

After several minutes the lady placed the receiver back down and smiled a smile which said quite clearly “I’m sorry” before saying, “I’m sorry miss but I am afraid Mr. Aleksei isn’t answering at the moment, try again later.”

“Could you tell me his room number please?” I asked politely, “I’m sorry madam but that information is classified unless the customer using the room allows me to disclose said information, I hope you understand, its company policy.

I smiled and nodded an understanding smile before walking away, “Now what?” Aimee whispered, trying to stay calm but failing. “I need you to distract the receptionist while I take a look at her computer and find out the room number for our ‘friend’ Mr. Aleksei.”

She nodded and I casually wondered outside and waited intently for Aimee to scream in ‘agony’ and attract the attention of the receptionist, and 2 minutes later a earsplitting scream rung out and the receptionist hurried over to see what was wrong with Aimee.

I took my moment, rushing over to the reception desk and scrolling through the records until I found Mr. Aleksei’s details and found his room, which I put in a text to Aimee for later and snuck away so as to not arise suspicion. As Aimee was being helped to the nearest sofa and checked over by the hotel doctor I took my leave, bolting up the stairs towards room 608 and Flossie’s rescue.

“I just hope I am not too late” 

The End

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