Louise: No CommitmentsMature

I was glad that Silas was okay and hadn’t been injured too badly, I suppose that Silas being injured right after I had passionately kissed another guy was karma coming to bite me in the bum and I probably deserved it. However I didn’t really regret kissing Owen, I could be myself around him, and I couldn’t anymore around Silas. I felt suffocated.

The sun was beginning to sink and evening was drawing in, looking out of the window from the bedroom, people could still be seen relaxing in deck chairs by the pool, catching the last of its rays before darkness fell. The setting sun was reflected almost perfectly from the still waters of the swimming pool.

"You know, Lou."Silas said, "What?" I called from the bathroom, "Things always happen to us when we try to have a good time." he muttered. "What's that supposed to mean?" I asked poking my head around the door and eying him suspiciously.

"Well when things start going well, something changes that." He got up from the bed where he was sitting and approached me smiling affectionately, "But some things will never change." He said pulling me into an embrace and almost whispering the words, “I love you” and kissing me on the cheek.

I tried my hardest not to roll my eyes, he seemed to tell me that he loved me more times than I could count nowadays. I pulled free from his grasp and looked into his soft green eyes, before pressing my lips firmly against his as if hoping, kissing him so passionately would make up for kissing Owen.

“I am so glad you said yes” he whispered, swaying on the spot with me, I laughed and pressed my body into his. “So am I” I whispered and he lifted up my chin and kissed me again. Then there was a knock at the door.

"That just proves my point." Silas muttered in a disgruntled tone. "And I was only just beginning." I laughed and he winked at me as if to say, we will continue later before opening the door.

Standing in the doorway was Ian, "I was wondering if you fancied a drink." he murmured. "With everyone else?" Si asked, "No. Just me and you."  He said with a smile, and although a bit shocked Silas nodded, gave me a quick kiss and left with Ian in tow.

I wondered around the bedroom, wondering what to do, I had been hoping for a drink myself with Silas but he had gone for a drink with Ian. I hadn’t seen hide nor hair of either Aimee or Harry all day so they were out of the question and Flossie … I didn’t know what she was up too.

I decided I would go and see Flossie and she fancied a drink, so I got myself ready and heading in the direction of Flossie and Ian’s room. However I never made it too Flossie’s room, inside the lift I bumped into none other than Owen. His face broke into his cocky grin which could melt a girl’s heart and when he spoke it was soft and seductive.

“Hey” he said, “Hi” I said coolly, trying to act as though I wasn’t interested although my head was screaming at me to not be an idiot and give in to my attraction to him.

“Soo… What are you up to tonight?” he asked, I meant to say,“I’m off to see my friend Flossie”however, instead I said “Nothing much, what do you have in mind?” I asked a flirtatious edge to my voice.

“Fancy coming back to my room?” He suggested, “I have a bottle of wine, with our names on it”

I should have declined, I should have stayed away be something stronger than my sense of right and wrong told me to do otherwise and the words “Yeah, sounds great” left my mouth before I could stop them.

We left the lift and headed to Owens room and Owen grabbed two glasses and a large bottle of white wine off the side and proceeded to pour out a glass for me and a glass for himself.

We chatted for a while, slowly but surely drinking our way through the bottle of wine. Then it happened so suddenly, Owen took the glass of wine from my hand and began to kiss me. The wine must have gone to my head because I pushed my lips firmly against his. We toppled backwards onto the bed, still kissing passionately. As he began to undress me, my brain kicked in and I found the courage to say,

“No stop, this can’t happen, I’m engaged”

Owen pulled away to study the ring on my finger and with a cocky grin he slipped the glistening ring off my finger and placed it oh-so-carefully on the bedside table.

“Now you’re not” he grinned, “No commitments” he whispered before proceeding to undo my bra from underneath my dress. I smiled back at him, my body weakening by his every touch. I closed my eyes, submitting and giving myself to Owen.

Temporarily at least, what Silas doesn’t know can’t hurt him and anyway, I’ll be back in our hotel room before he gets back and he won’t have a clue.

I smiled again and then pressed my lips against Owens again, his hands now caressing my now naked body.

The End

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