Harry - ConfessionsMature

The clan left after 8pm when the visiting hours ended, I would be allowed out at 10am and they were all going to come out to get me. Once they had left I closed my eyes and fell into a deep sleep, it only seemed like moments later I was being shaken awake.

“I’m sorry Harry; I’ve got to keep waking you…”

“…Oh yeah, the concussion,” I mumbled sleepily, I moved into a sitting position and blinked sleepily.

“I’m your night nurse, Carrie,” she smiled and offered me a cup of tea; I smiled and took it willingly. “I hate to sound like every other fan on this planet, but could I get your signature? I love the Patriots and I can’t let this opportunity pass!”

“You watch football, all the way over in Canada?” I asked surprised,

“Guilty,” she grinned, “it’s way better than ice hockey. The whole USA-Canadian rivalry, who cares?”

“I do because I think…I think, we beat you last game,” I winked at her and took the pen she offered. I scrawled my name rather messily on a piece of paper and handed it back, she took it, stared at it for a moment and then looked up.

“What’s it like, being famous?”

“It’s great,” I smiled, “everyone loves you and wants your autograph, you get body guards and lots of money…” I trailed off, “but then there’s the lack of privacy, everything you do is made public. People make judgements before they even meet you, they scrutinize every move and thinking about it now, I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone…”

“I’d love it,” she smiled cleaning the nearby sink,

“You can’t date who you want, you can’t hang out with just anyone…” I trailed off; the lethargic scrubbing made me relax. “There’s this woman, she’s one of my best friends but we grew apart, I didn’t want her to be caught up in all this drama…now we’ve sort of rekindled our friendship and I guess it’s turned into something more, but I’m afraid. I’m afraid to tell anyone because once it’s out, exposed, it can be so easily destroyed…I don’t want to lose her again and I know I will if it gets out, it’s inevitable!”

“Is that the woman who kept checking in on you, what was her name…Aimee?”

“Yeah, that’s the one,” I muttered still in deep thought,

“She likes you, you know,” Carrie mentioned,

“I like her too, a lot,” I smiled and adjusted my pillows; I rested my head and closed my eyes. “I think I like her too much…” that was the last thing I said before falling asleep. I was woken up another three times during the night, when it was finally morning I was given a hearty portion of porridge and left alone to get dressed in clothes which the group had brought me. By 10 O’clock I had been discharged, I gave the hospital my insurance details and left. I walked side by side with Aimee; she kept glancing at me and then looking away as soon as our eyes met.

“I’m liking your shaved head,” Flo grinned,

“What do you mean?” I asked her,

“Your lack of hair on the right side of your head,” she spelt it out, I let my hand gingerly touch the side she was talking about and sure enough it was bald. Halfway across the hair started again, they had shaved my head!

“Why didn’t anyone mention this?” I asked wide-eyed,

“Well we were initially going to keep it from you until you noticed yourself,” Silas laughed, “but Flo went and ruined it!”

“I’m sorry, I forgot!” she giggled.

“How bad does it look?” I asked Ian, I knew he wouldn’t joke, he didn’t reply because Aimee cut in.

“I think it looks sexy,”

“What?” Flo asked,

“It reminds me of the old Harry, the camper-van Harry who wanted to hide his identity…”

“Sexy?” Silas asked astonished,

“What’s wrong with sexy?” Aimee asked indignantly,

“Nothing, just coming out of your mouth about Harry, it’s one of the last things I thought I’d hear!” Flo exclaimed, “I thought you two hated each other?!”

“Things change Flo,” I smiled and put my arm around Aimee, she shrugged me off and pushed my arm away.

“They don’t change that much!” A grinned. As soon as we returned to the hotel I went to my room, I wanted a shower and to see the damage on my head. I gazed into the mirror and admired the small amount of stitching. It did look odd and so moments later I had covered my remaining hair in shaving cream and was attempting to get rid of it. Five minutes later I had given up, I called Aimee’s room and asked her to come and help. She arrived with a pair of scissors and a large grin on her face,

“Wipe that grin off A,” I scowled,

“This is going to be good!” she giggled; I pushed her away gently and then kissed his. She kissed me back, her arms tightening around my neck and pulling me closer. The shaving foam in my hair got into hers and I could feel it fall down my neck. She pulled away and took my hand leading me towards the bathroom; she took the shower head and aimed it at me.

“Hey play nice!” I cried as she soaked me,

“We’ve got to wet your hair, so get your head over that tub!” I obeyed and she rinsed out the foam, it felt nice as she massaged the left hand side of my scalp. I could hear the scissor clip away at the remaining hair and all too soon it was done; I inspected her handiwork in the mirror and smiled.

“Thank you A, you did a great job,” I smiled,

“What did you expect? A bosh job? Not from me,” she grinned and placed the scissors down on the sink, we stared at each other for a while waiting for the other to speak. She raised her eyebrows and took a deep breath,

“I love you Aimee,” I blurted out, she let out a cute little squeak as she grabbed the sink to steady her, “I didn’t realise until that car almost killed you, I can’t lose you…not again,”

“Oh Harry,” she murmured, “I don’t know what to say…”

“Don’t say anything,” I told her, leaning down and kissing her lips gently. She looked up at me and smiled calmly.

“I think I love you too,” she sighed happily.

The End

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