Ian: This isn't New York; that's for sure.Mature

"A van will be great. Thanks." I put the phone receiver back on the cradle. Turning to the group, I informed them that a taxi was on its way and would be there soon.

"How long will it be?" Flo asked, taking my hand casually.

"He said it might be half an hour."

"What heavens for?" Louise look half disgusted. Her reaction seemed a little over the top, but considering all that had happened to us recently, I realized that her reaction had nothing to do with a delayed taxi.

"It does seem odd that it's the middle of the day and the taxi would take that long to get here," Flo remarked, her gaze never leaving the ground in front of her.

"Well," I replied, "this isn't New York; that's for sure. Perhaps the rest of the taxis come out of hibernation when the sun goes down. That's when all the drunks or soon-to-be drunks need a ride." 

"I wish I was one of those," Louise said and then softly bit her bottom lip.

"Something to burn the throat sounds pretty good right now," I said.

"How can you drink that stuff?" Louise asked, her disgusted face returned. "If something taste that bad, why would you choose to drink it?" She paused long enough that I thought I might be able to answer her, but she continued before I had a chance, leaving my mouth open for a moment.

"Don't get me wrong. I like a good cocktail, but it's got to be smooth and fruity with just a little kick, not the kind of kick that makes you want to slap your knee and clear your throat."

I chuckled at her description, and Flo gave her a high-five and said, "That's right, Sister!"

Aimee joined the group. We all smiled at her, but she didn't return the gesture. She looked like she wanted to cry. I wouldn't have blamed her. One more wrinkle and I would be willing to break down. And, nothing had really happened to me.

I had never been like that before moving in with Flo. Guess I was spending too much time with female emotions. I decided then that I definitely needed some burning alcohol to burn all feeling from my throat. I just wished I could get it to burn the rest of me, too.

I was beginning to think that it might be time to cut this vacation short, but for Flo's sake if not for anyone else's, I remained quiet.

The End

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