Louise: The Start of Something BigMature

It was great to wave my friends off as they went to explore, leaving me to relax at the hotel, away from Silas who had become increasingly more overbearing and clingy. I wondered out to the pool, clutching a cocktail in one hand and slipped into an available deckchair next to Owen who greeted me with a warm smile.

“Hey” he said, looking me up and down, “Love your bikini” he complemented and I blushed, it had been a rather seductive bikini which I had bought with me, mainly to be worn when in the hot tub with Silas, I had brought another one with me but for some reason I felt as though I knew that if I wore this bikini that Owen would flirt with me. Was it wrong to have a bit of harmless flirting whist Silas wasn’t around?

“Thank you” I smiled pulling it down slightly, pretending to adjust it but really just trying to make my breasts look bigger. Owen must of noticed this too because his eyes widened and were transfixed, staring down at my chest.

Owen was quite a character as I soon found out; he had a way with words which made me laugh so easily and made me felt so comfortable around him. He wasn’t bad looking either, tousled black hair with dark brown eyes you could quite easily get lost in. His arms and legs were beautifully toned, showing large tanned muscles which would obviously help him when it came to wooing the women.

“So where do you come from?” he asked me, “I live West Virginia” I replied, taking a sip of my cocktail.

“Alone?” he pressed, “No I live with my … friend Silas” I said surprised, why had I said friend? Why didn’t I tell him that I was engaged to Silas?

Maybe  the reason I hadn’t told Owen that I was engaged to Silas was that if I did Owen would stop flirting with me and part of me was enjoying the fact was he was flirting with me, It wouldn’t hurt anyone would it? How very wrong I was … little did I realize that this was the start of somethingbigsomethinghugeand potentially life changing.

After a few more drinks courtesy of Owen, I was feeling very relaxed, maybe too relaxed, we had retreated inside out of the sunshine and were currently chilling out on a small couch in the lobby, Owens arm wrapped around me. He had just said something which I had found remarkably funny and I had just managed stop laughing when I felt his hand on my cheek. I stared into his eyes then before I could stop it, Owen had pressed his lips against mine. For some reason, I didn’t pull away, I should have done, and maybe that should have made me think about whether I am marrying the right person?

As the kiss ended, I looked into his eyes and realization hit me, what had I done?

“I have got to go” I said quickly, jumping to my feet and running to the lift, Owen didn’t follow me.

I flung myself onto the double bed, staring up at the ceiling tears blurring my vision, “What had I done?”

My phone buzzed and I reached out and opened the text from Aimee, it read;

 Silas is in hospital he was hit by a car, come quick Aimee xx

 “Ah Hell”

The End

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