Aimee: Heading outMature

I arrived downstairs and saw Ian and Flo, snuggled up to each other in a comforting position. The image made me halt slightly, both physically and mentally. Their relationship was so perfectly comfortable; no matter what happened they would always be able to tell each other what was happening and find support in the other.

I was envious of that.

"Hey guys. Sorry it took me a while. Where are the others?"

"Not here yet. I couldn't find Harry."

"Well he's probably off chasing some girl." I bit my lip "Sorry, I promised I'd stop doing that."

"It's only natural. Anyway, you two have been behaving actually." A thought passing through my head contradicted what Flo had stated, but I kept that to myself.

"Well we're trying. I hope they hurry up; I want to go and see Canada."

As I spoke, Louise arrived.

"Guys, I need you to do me a favour. Silas... he's getting a little...."

"...Clingy?" I put in. She glanced at me.


"I noticed."

"Could you take him with you and let me stay here; have some time to myself?"

"Of course." I saw Silas coming down the stairs. "You'd better go."

She disappeared and Flo poked me.

"Should you have done that?"

"Silas needs to stop getting clingy, else he's going to lose her. I'm helping."

Silas reached us.

"Was that Lou?"

"Yeah. She said she wanted to go and do some of the activites at the hotel while we go out."

"Oh, I'll go with her."

"No. Silas, you have to stop this. You're pushing her away. Just leave her be."

"What are you talking about?"

"Silas. You're the clever know it all about human behaviour. She's fed up of you being clingy since the sauna incident. Give her space, else there's no way you're getting married." He grimaced, but nodded. "I know I'm being harsh Silas, but seriously, you're doing yourself no favours."

Harry arrived.

"Oh dear, what's going on?"

"We're all going out remember?"

"What about Louise?"

"She's decided to stay here."

"Oh, alright then. Let's go."

We all headed out. Silas looked disgruntled, and I doubted he was going to talk to me civily for a while, but it had to be done. He was ruining his relationship.

"So, I was thinking tonight we could have a picnic at the side of the pool tonight." Harry muttered. I smiled a little and nodded before catching  up with Flo and Ian. Harry feel in beside Silas.

"So, where are we headed then?"

The End

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