Louise: "I Need Some Space Silas!"Mature

For some reason Silas was starting to become a tad overbearing, maybe the fear of what happened in the sauna had tipped him over the edge but he was being a little overprotective and I was starting to feel suffocated.

“I love you Lou” he had said for the fourth time since we had woken up that morning, I sighed giving him a fleeting smile before disappearing off into the bathroom to have a shower.

I stood in the shower for what seemed an age before finally getting out and grabbing a towel, my mind was racing with questions, questions I didn’t know how to answer – Silas had changed since the sauna incidence, there was no doubt about it and I was growing more and more uncertain about whether marrying him was the right thing to do.

Silas was standing right outside the bathroom door when I eventually emerged, “You didn’t have to wait for me, you could have gone down to breakfast” I said, stepping round him and sitting by the mirror so I could apply my makeup. “I know but I thought I’d wait for you” I said coming up behind me and wrapping his arms around me. I shook him off before turning in my chair to look at him, “You go on without me, I’m gonna hit the gym before breakfast” I said offering him a smile, “cool, I’ll come with you” he suggested and I frowned.

“You hate the gym!” I stated folding my arms, “Well I thought I’d keep you company” he mumbled, “There is no point; I am going to be listening to my iPod so I am not going to be very sociable.

After much persuasion Silas relented and went downstairs to breakfast without me but I could tell he wasn’t happy about it.

I finished putting on my makeup and slipped into some jogging bottoms and a sports top and made my way downstairs and into the gym, plugging in my ipod to block out any sounds of the other people working out.

After a 15 minute jog on the treadmill I climbed onto one of the available rowing machines, I looked around to see who else was on a rowing machine and I caught sight of Owen on the one next to me.

I quickly silenced my iPod, with was blearing ‘Sex on Fire’ by Kings of Leon down my ears, and looked over at Owen for a few minutes, hoping I’d catch his attention.

“Hey” I said finally when he didn’t notice me, he looked up from the screen on the rowing machine and looked at me, “Hello you, fancy seeing you here” he said warmly.

“So how are you enjoying your holiday?” Owen asked after a long silence where we both went back to exercising on the rowing machines. “Yeah, I am loving it” I said, but I didn’t sound to convincing.

“But?” he questioned, “But my fiancé is getting a bit overpowering, to say the least” I moaned with an exasperated sigh. “I know exactly how you feel” Owen said, “I just got out of a relationship, my girlfriend was a little to ‘needy’ for my liking.”

I nodded, understanding exactly where he was coming from, “Yeah, Si has taken to saying ‘I love you’ every five minutes and its driving me utterly bonkers” I said with a laugh, Owen laughed too, his face spreading into a wide smile showing cute dimples. 

“I don’t suppose you fancy a drink by the pool with me, relax a little?” he asked a flirtatious edge to his voice. I knew his was flirting but I was getting on with him so well I couldn’t help but flirt back, “That would be lovely” I said smiling, “I’ll just get changed first” I said climbing off the rowing machine and heading out of the gym, a smile on my face.

I almost ran up to my room and reached into my pocket to grab at the key but grabbed at thin air, I must have left it in the room – I sighed and tapped on the door, hoping that Silas would be in there, fortunately for me he was.

"Sorry. Lost my key." I said ducking under Silas’s outstretched arm and making my way towards the suitcase by my bed so I could pull out some fresh clothes.

"So who is he?" Silas asked sitting on the bed and looking directly at me, "Who? Owen? He's nobody! Just a friend!" I said, pulling out a nice summer dress and making my way towards the bathroom.


"Can't I ask a question?" he called through the door of the bathroom.

I emerged minutes later wearing a beautiful summer dress which Silas seemed to scrutinize for several minutes.

"We're all going out. Coming?" I said turning to face Silas, I had only just remembered that we had made plans to go out for the day, shame I quite fancied lounging by the pool with Owen, with an alcoholic beverage in my hand.

"I'll be down in a minute." Silas smiled. "I just need to get changed. Make an effort and all." “Okay” I said closing the door before Silas could respond.

As I made my way downstairs, my mind was thinking up a million and one excuses as to why the others should go on without me, I thought about feigning illness but then Silas would insist on nursing me back to heath. Was it so wrong of me to want time to myself, to make new friends without being in the company of Silas all the time? I decided it wasn’t and my mind set itself the task of coming up with a suitable reason as to why the others should go out and leave me here, so that I could sit by the pool with my new friend Owen and have a drink.

The End

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