Harry - Clearing my headMature

I personally thought breakfast was pretty normal until afterwards when Si came up to me, put his arm around my shoulder and asked me. “Dude, what’s up? You’re all leapy.”

“Leapy?” I asked,

“All jumpy. You kept looking around but as soon as anyone caught your eye, you looked away,”

“Seriously Si, I don’t want a psychoanalysis from you, I feel a bit hung over this morning that’s all…”

“Hung over?” he asked condescendingly, I pushed him away, “And defensive, seriously dude, what’s up?”

I knew I had to lie, I knew Silas wouldn’t drop it until I told him and I knew whatever I said would be passed onto the rest of the group. I figured I may as well use Aimee as a reason.

“I saw A last night,” I muttered, “she was making-out with another girl,”

“That’s the reason?” Si asked, “You’re not still in love with her are you?” he questioned,

“No, no, no!” I shook my head, “It just weirds me out, the whole bisexual thing…”

“Really? I thought you were cool with it,” Silas muttered,

“The way I see it, you’re either straight or gay,” I said using my hands to gesture the difference,

“There is an in-between,” Silas commented,

“I call it greedy,” I muttered darkly, Silas smirked but didn’t say anything.

“Now that you’re feeling less-leapy, want to come to the pool with Lou and me?”

“It’s alright; I might hit the gym,”

“Didn’t you already go to the gym this morning?” Silas asked,

“What are you, a fitness detective?!” I asked angrily, Si rolled his eyes and walked off. I went back to my suite and put on gym clothes, I needed to clear my head and the only way I could do that was when I was in pain.

I began on the running machine, slowly warming up my muscles. I used the rowing machine to warm up my arms and back before moving over to the weights where I began the real work. My arms were in agony, my back was aching but I continued to pump the iron. I began to think through Aimee and our little rendezvous last night, it was easier to think when I was trying to block out a physical pain. Despite the fact I couldn’t remember much of last night, I had woken up happy and content, two feelings that seemed to slowly be disappearing in my life. I didn’t know why, I guessed the fame and fortune began to suck away nice emotions like that, instead you were always pining to be the best, focusing on fitness. It was all work and very little play. I knew that if Aimee was in my life I would find happiness and contentment every morning I woke up and I wanted that, I wanted it more than my football career, more than food and drink itself. This surge of emotion and realisation made me stop for a break; I bent over and took slow breaths to reduce my heart rate.

“Don’t stop, I was quite enjoying that spectacle,” I heard a voice I recognised well, I looked up smiling and noticed Aimee jogging steadily on the running machine. Her earphones were in but I knew she wasn’t listening to anything; I stood up straight and walked over to her. She slowed down the machine to a fast walking pace and took out her earphones,

“I come here for peace and solitude just to find you.” I grinned leaning over the front of the machine to plant a kiss on her lips, she pulled away sharply and let the conveyer distance herself from me. “What?” I asked, she nodded towards the door and I caught sight of a CCTV camera, “Oh no, the gym receptionist might see us kissing!” I mocked horror,

“Ian and Flo are in the reception,”

“What’s there to do in there?” I asked,

“They’re drinking avocado and pineapple smoothies.” Aimee explained, I pulled a face but didn’t comment.

In the reception you could see the three TV screens, the indoor swimming pool, gym and hot tub. I wasn’t sure why, but Aimee had explained it was for those people with children; they could watch their kids having fun in the pool whilst relaxing in the leather chairs and drinking tequila. Aimee came round the running machine and winked,

“Want to go somewhere less like big brother? Where people can’t watch our every move on a TV screen?”

“Sure,” I smiled, “let me take a shower and change, where shall I meet you?” I asked,

“Come by my room,” she said evasively before walking off. I watched as she left the room, her hips swaying sexily from side to side. I took a brief shower and changed into t-shirt and shorts before hurrying up to A’s suite, I knocked. She opened. I kissed her. She led me inside.

The End

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