Ian: The Truth Will Come Out EventuallyMature

“I don’t know what happened,” I told Flo as we left our room. I had returned to our room after running into Harry in the hallway. “But, I agree with you. Something's up!”

“They are bound to get back together,” Flo said, putting her arm around mine. “It’s just so funny how much they are trying to hide it.”

“They do seem like one of those opposites attract sort of things,” I replied. I punched the elevator button. “He gets on her nerves so much—”

Flo cut in,”Which in the long run only makes her want him all the more so.”

“Aren’t you worried about Aimee, though?”

“Why?” Flo asked as the elevator doors were opening. We stepped in, and I punched the first floor button.

“I guess all of us except Silas are sort of ignoring that man in the lobby and what happened to Louise.”

“But, you mentioned Aimee in particular.”

I didn’t answer right away, exhaling slowly through my mouth. “I can’t have been the only one to have noticed this.”

Flo tilted her head to one side and raised her eyebrows. Doghouse, here I come! Since I had already said too much, I decided to go all of the way. “She wasn’t exactly taken aback by either incident.”

“So!” Flo said louder than she probably wanted to.

“The lobby incident was one thing,” I went on as if Flo had not spoken, “but she didn’t seem phased by what happened to Louise. Something’s clearly going on.”

Flo’s face immediately softened. “Yeah, I know. Trouble seems to follow us, especially on holiday.”

We stepped off the elevator onto the first floor. Silas and Louise came out of an adjacent elevator a few moments later.

“Hey,” Flo said, waving. She had quickly turned off her serious mode; she was back in holiday mode.

I wish I could do that so easily, I thought.

Little was said as we made our way to the breakfast area. Silas and Louise both seemed out of it. I didn’t blame them, though. There was a lot going on with the entire group. Everyone seemed happy to ignore the major issues that were brewing. I just hoped that something wouldn’t blow up in our face.

Silas separated from the rest of us for a moment to sit at another table. A man approached him, then left. Silas and Louise rejoined the group after they shooed away one of Louise’s would be suitors. Why were so many people approaching Louise? Did it have to do with the man in the lobby and the spa incident? I sighed, realizing those questions were taboo to the general group.

The truth will come out eventually, I thought.

The End

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