“I don’t think anything happened…” Aimee spoke slowly as she shifted into a sitting position,

“I’m fully clothed, that’s got to be a good thing,” I said going to sit on the end of the bed as a head rush blinded me,  

“How much wine did we drink last night?” Aimee wondered aloud,

“A bottle each,” I told her eying the empty bottles on the floor, “and let me tell you now, today’s not going to be nice. I’ve not been hung-over in so long, man I forgot what a headache it gives you…” I lay back, my head eased slightly.

“We can’t let the others know,” Aimee suddenly said,

“Wasn’t planning on telling them,” I muttered,

“We can’t even show them we’re hung-over, they’ll asked who we got hammered with,”

“I’m going to take a shower,” I said sitting up slowly, “I stink of alcohol.”

As soon as I’d turned on the shower and the water was rushing through my hair there was a knock at the door, I heard Aimee call “Who is it?”

I didn’t hear the reply. Aimee burst into the bathroom and pulled the shower curtain back; she switched off the shower and thrust me a towel.

“Hey!” I called, “I’m naked!”

“I’ve seen it all before!” Aimee replied quietly, “Quick, you’ve got to hide!” Aimee hissed pushing me towards the wardrobe, I climbed in and Aimee sprayed some perfume on her neck. She closed the cupboard door,

“Hurry up!” Flo called,

“Coming!” Aimee called, she picked up the wine bottles and shoved them into the cupboard with me. She then went to open the door; I heard the conversation although it was a little muffled.

“Ian and I wanted to know if you wanted any breakfast?” Flo asked,

“I think I’ll come down in twenty minutes or so,” Aimee replied,

“Aren’t they the clothes you were wearing yesterday?” Flo questioned,

“Yeah, I heard the door and I just threw something one,” Aimee tried to sound nonchalant,

“Why are they all creased? Like you’d slept in them?”

“I hadn’t hung them up from last night,” Aimee replied quickly,

“Okay…well, I’ll see you soon?” Flo confirmed,

“Bye!” Aimee called and then slammed the door; I bundled out the cupboard bringing some clothes with me. I tripped over a stiletto and landed on the floor,

“Man that was close,” she said closing the cupboard and turning to me, just in time for me to cover myself back up with the towel. I got up off the floor and kicked the shoe towards the cupboard.

“When have you seen it all before?” I asked her,

“We lived in a campervan for a summer; we had four meters by two to live in. We’ve seen everyone naked at some point,”  

“I didn’t see anyone,” I said, “apart from Silas, but they were communal showers and anyway…” I trailed off,

“Go and take your shower,” she said pushing my damp torso towards the bathroom. I made sure the door was locked this time, although I was sure I had locked it last time and climbed back into the shower. A few minutes later I was dry and in my clothes, I left Aimee in the shower and went back to my room. I met Ian on the way,

“Hey man, I was looking for you, you weren’t in your room…” his eyebrows lifted, “Ohhh!” he realised, “You were with a girl,” he winked at me,

“No, I was at the gym all morning,” I lied,

“Why are you wearing what you wore yesterday then?”

“I didn’t wear this yesterday…” I lied, hoping Ian wouldn’t have the observation skills to prove me wrong,

“Yeah because you spilt that mayonnaise on your shirt and it splodged down onto your shorts too,” he pointed to the stains,

“Okay Sherlock,” I muttered angrily, “I forgot to bring my gym clothes with me, so I thought I’d just wear old clothes,”

“Is that Harry? You missed breakfast,” Flo called coming out her room,

“I’ve got to go,” I slapped Ian on the arm and darted off before Flo could notice me. I quickly changed and shaved; I left my room and headed to breakfast where I met Aimee eating alone. I sat down next to her and we ate in silence, neither of us knew what to say.

“So did you sleep well?” I asked Aimee once I had returned for seconds,

“Shut up Harry,” Aimee muttered, “do not mention it to anyone,”

“I don’t know what ‘it’ is, so I can’t anyway,” I retorted biting into my pancake.

“That looks good!” Aimee told me, she had a bowl of fruit and some yoghurt on the side, before I could stop her she had cut my pancake in two and scoffed it down. “How can you eat this crap and still look good?” she asked, “I just get fat if I eat carbs,”

“I work out,” I smiled, “feel it!” I flexed, Aimee laughed through her nose, “Feel it!” I repeated,

“Very muscular,” she muttered taking her hand off my arm. I grinned wolfishly and she smiled back, it was at that moment when I realised how much I wanted to kiss her. So I did.

The End

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