Louise: ClingyMature

I felt fine the next day thanks to Silas or ‘Doctor Donohue’ as I had started calling him after he had started checking my temperature every hour and making sure that I drank plenty of fluids.

“Are you sure you’re feeling okay today?” Silas asked for about the fifth time that morning, a worried expression on his face. “You worry too much, I’m fine” I said cupping his face and stealing a quick kiss. “Good, you had me so worried yesterday” he murmured, “I’m a big girl now, I can take care of myself” I said with a grin before disappearing off into the bathroom to get washed.

“I’m going down to breakfast” Silas called through the door, “Fine, I’ll be down in about 5 minutes” I called back. The door clicked shut and Silas was gone, leaving me alone with my thoughts.

I was glad that he had gone if I was honest, he had been fussing over me far too much and it was starting to get on my nerves. I could understand why he was fussing, I could have been killed for one thing – typical I can’t even go on holiday without being shot at, I got enough of that at work!

After I had washed and dressed I left the room and headed downstairs, I took the stairs instead of the lift, trotting down flight after flight until I reached the bottom. I caught sight of my friends instantly, and made a beeline for the table they were sat at, slipping into the available seat next to Silas.

“Morning” Flossie said cheerily, offering me one of her warmhearted smiles.

“Morning” I said smiling back at her, before grabbing a piece of toast from the toast rack in the centre of the table and proceeding to butter it.

“Could you pass me the jam please Harold” I said with a slight grin, for some reason being sat with everyone had reminded me of the roadtrip four years ago and everyone having to change their names.

What?” Harry spluttered looking confused and slightly offended that I had called him Harold, “Why on earth did you call me Harold?” he asked his brow furrowed.

I stared around the table, as if someone would suddenly realize but they all stared at me with confused looks on their faces. Then a look of realisation appeared of Aimee’s face and she started to giggle, then Flossie started giggling, realisation on her face too. Suddenly the whole group were laughing, all apart from Harry who still looked utterly confused, his face knitted into a frown.

“Hey Harold, did you ever get that garage door painted?” Aimee laughed, and slowly but surely the penny dropped with a loud clang. “Oh haha” he said sarcastically, but grinning. “I thought we agreed never to mention that ever again?”

“I don’t recall” Aimee said putting her finger on her lip and trying to remember, “As I recall I said, promise me you’ll never bring this up again and I won’t drop you” Harry said grinning, obviously impressed with his memory.

“Ah but you were threatening to drop me in a ditch at the time!” she said grinning, “There is no chance of being dropped in a ditch here.”

“No” Harry admitted, “But I can still throw you in the pool”


After breakfast we headed outside and claimed 6 sun loungers by the pool, Harry was true to his word and quickly succeeded in throwing Aimee into the pool for bringing up the spray paint and garage incident. However Harry’s victory of throwing Aimee into the pool was short-lived as Aimee wasted no time in pulling Harry backwards into the pool.

I climbed off my sun lounger and started to wander away from the group, wanting to explore my surroundings. “Where are you going?” Silas called after me, running to catch up with me.

“Just going to explore, I didn’t get to look around properly did I” I said with a smile.

“I’ll come with you” he said clasping hold of my hand and refusing to let go.

“Nah you don’t have to, go catch up with the others, you have been with me for the past 4 years, you haven’t had much time to catch up with your college friends. “I can catch up with them later, I have plenty of time, plus I want to spend time with my fiancé” he insisted wrapping his arms around me and pulling me closer. “No Silas” I protested, breaking free of his strong grasp. “I’ll see you later” I called turning tail and walking away before he could protest.

After wandering around for a good ten minutes I found the one place I had been looking for since I arrived, the hotel spa. After daring the cold plunge, I swam around for a bit then found a section of the spa which was warmer than the rest and allowed myself to sink into its warm embrace.

“Hi” A voice came from my right making me jump. “Oh hi” I said smiling at the newcomer.

“You were on your own so I thought I’d come say hi, I’m Owen” he said holding out his hand and giving me a cocky grin which I couldn’t help returning.

“I’m Louise” I said smiling back at him and shaking his hand.

The End

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